How about this for a PS3 Deal? have a really good deal on right now for a PlayStation 3 60GB bundle including 3 games, a Blu-Ray movie and a HDMI cable. All for a neat £249.99.

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whydoyouask2532d ago

So you get 3 old games, an unfunny Adam Sandler vehicle, and a shitty HDMI cable? And they don't even give you the PS3 model you actually want?

Sign me up!

gamingdroid2532d ago

the fact that it is also a ticking time bomb. Avoid refurbished items, especially on consoles.

I will take a new one thank you!

_Aarix_2531d ago

Well unless theres a warranty like the 3 year one my 360 has.

hiredhelp2532d ago

Ok this post is stupid.
these are sellers on called play trade kinda like you selling your game on ebay.
PLAY.COM do not sell these consoles. period"

fooxy2532d ago

Great deal ! There is nothing more exciting than getting YOLD after couple of months on used fat old PS3 !

qwertyz2532d ago

I've had my 60gb ps3 since early 2007 and its still strong and working perfectly. so what are you talking about ?

rajman2532d ago

Me to dude, I've had mine since Feb 2007 and have played it a ton, and still runs loud noises from fans & disc drive is still perfect.

_Aarix_2531d ago

Just because YOU had a strong ps3 doesnt mean everyone else had. Ive had the ylod and a couple friends had a blue ray drive failure.

Silly gameAr2532d ago

Pretty good deal for people who don't have a PS3, which is most of the people who commented so far.

MrDead2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Reading the comments on N4G me and my friends must have the only working Fat PS3's left in the world

Superted20072532d ago

Consoles are not for sale don't even bother it's play trade and no one is selling.