League of Legends Review- "Who's Laughing Now?" on

This is a review of Riot Games' freeware monster, League of Legends. exclusively reviews free games and passes the word on to you.

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Silverguy2452d ago

Infinitely better than HoN

Trizard2451d ago

good joke. Lol is the most unbalanced game ever. And Hon doesnt have queue just to log in (that takes 30 min).

CGChris2451d ago

I've only had to wait in a queue on one occasion with LoL, because the load of players was overwhelming the servers which, while annoying, is probably a good sign about the game.

Trizard2451d ago

Yeah, a good game cause you have to wait 30+ min to play?
Just buy more servers you cheap developer, riot.

nightmarex1212452d ago

Lol and hon sucks they don't know how to balance have crappy severs, lol and hon are only to fill a void until dota 2 comes out.