GGC's Special: Norwegian Retailer Removes Games After Killings in Oslo; Video Games to Blame?

Great Gaming Crusade: "Let me start this by saying this is an extremely sensitive subject. The opinions stated in this piece are solely mine and mine alone.

Coop Norway, a major Norwegian retailer has announced they are removing 51 games from their stores shelves following the horrific killings in Oslo and Utoya two weeks ago."

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JellyJelly2448d ago

It's ironic and sad that they never went into what books he was reading or what movies he was watching. There's a good possibility he read the bible once or twice, considering he labeled himself as a crusader and all. How bout removing that one from the store shelves, eh?

waltyftm2448d ago

Well said, Video games always get the blame for these idiots being idiots, yet books and movies have been around for decades longer.

wampdog292448d ago

Very true. However, I'd like to point out that he himself listed those games and called them his combat training software. This case is more unusual than most in that the killer himself is bringing out the games he played and is even saying they helped him. Not saying he is correct in calling them "good training tools" because they aren't. We never used MW2 in the Marine Corps to train, that's for sure.