PlayStation Store Preview – August 9th, 2011: Nightmare on MK Street

PSLS: While there are a few notable demos coming the PlayStation Store this week, the one thing that made the most waves when it was announced has to be the Freddy Krueger DLC for Mortal Kombat. Joining Freddy will be two skins for Sub-Zero, a retro-robo skin and a MK3 maskless skin.

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in our weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section.

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Sev2535d ago

I am pissed about Freddy Krueger DLC coming to Mortal Kombat... but I'm still buying it.

Urrakia342535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Then why are you pissed about it?

@edit: Ah yes I felt the same way. Adding Freddy Krueger instead of another MK character kinda pissed me off a little but at least he looks like a cool addition.

Sev2535d ago

Because I want real MK characters... But I'm too much of a fan to pass up on any character.

2535d ago
limewax2535d ago

Pretty sure you get a free NEW sub zero retro skin, and NEW retro cyber sub zero skin, Both as part of the compatibility patch

showtimefolks2535d ago

i want to try the driver demo plus want to see if madden has improved at all.

I am still not buying madden but driver i am interested in

Zydake2535d ago

i just don't like the fact that it isn't original Freddy

Kran2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

These articles are weekly on N4G.

One thing I will say: Do you have to use the same picture? I mean that picture is so old now that you guys could at least have a new thumbnail image.

I meant no disrespect. It was just a thought ;)

Sev2535d ago

These articles are weekly because the PlayStation Store updates weekly.

As for the picture, it's become a sort of staple. If we take it away, people may not recognize the feature.

Thanks for the feedback, though.

We'll look into changing it for the future. I'll have to look into my crystal ball to see if it's in the cards ;)

dead_eye2535d ago

Don't bother changing it. See that picture, click link, get the info I want without even having to think.

Urrakia342535d ago

Yea please don't change it. Every time I see that picture I think "Oh hey let's see what's in store for me tomorrow."

guitarded772535d ago

Yeah, sometimes I just skim stories and I'm used to that pic to find the update info... keep it.

JonnyBigBoss2535d ago


I was so addicted to Madden 07 and Madden 09.

Sarobi2535d ago

Madden 06 and 07 was by far my most favorite madden series, everything after that seemed to just not feel right

Jac5al2535d ago

Haven't played Far Cry 2 yet, so i guess ill try it out.

DaTruth2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

You'll spend the whole 1 hour trial just driving to the first mission! Don't lose your car, you may never make it to the first mission!

100% guarantee you won't play through it twice. One of the only games I've sold this gen the day after I finished it.

It's not a horrible game, there's just a lot of things wrong with it and a lot of things missing from it!

New topic: Does anyone know if RE:CV HD is the better version? The Dreamcast version had zombies that could follow you through doors! I was so disappointed when I got the PS2 version and this feature was missing. Hopefully that's what the X is for.

Dumb PS2 zombies can't even open a door!

guitarded772535d ago

I liked it... it can get a bit repetitive, but it's nice to have the open world and stuff to do on the side like look for diamonds and some side missions. There is some pop in at times, but it's to be expected from such an ambitious (big) game running on a console.

Der_Kommandant2535d ago

I hope you like driving! :D

LordMegatron2535d ago

can't wait for the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo

Inception2535d ago

yeah me too
type-0 looks great

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