Top Five - Most Amazing Female Video Game Characters

SFL Chronicle: Okay so one of my last ones was about the hottest male characters in video games. This one? Well I knew I wanted a counter-part post but seeing as how I’m not really attracted to women, the “hottest” theme just wasn’t going to cut it. More importantly, badass male characters exist in spades, while females are mostly poorly portrayed in the game industry. So instead I’m opting for a “most amazing females” theme full of chicks who kick ass and take names.

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WhiteLightning2391d ago

Shame we won't be seeing more of Elika

I don't think Ubisoft will risk making another Prince of Persia...even with that cliffhanger.

KFox1092391d ago

Agreed. I love Elika and I love Prince of Persia. I understand why Sands of Time series fans dislike it, but if you take it for what it is, it's kind of awesome! :]

AntoineDcoolette2390d ago

Lacking "The Boss" from Metal Gear Solid 3 on any most badass female game characters list is always an instant fail = (

Quagmire2391d ago

It seems Assassin's Creed has killed off any chance of ever seeing another PoP game. Despite AC being epic, I would like a sequel to the cel-shaded 08 PoP game. Was a nice and unique title with beautiful art style yet contained the same parkour mechanics we all love and know.

Sure you cant "die" in the game, but so what? It only makes the experience more streamline. Games dont have to be challenging to be fun.

DavidBaller2391d ago

Where the hell is Lara Croft?!

KFox1092391d ago

I like Lara a lot. Tomb Raider fan and all. But there's a reason the series has been struggling so much the past several years: Lara just isn't relatable anymore. That's why she's getting a complete and total reboot.

Serjikal_Strike2391d ago

Rebooted version of Lara > old Lara

Ducky2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Lara was relatable at one point?

Cate Archer from NOLF should get a mention, alas, she is usually overlooked. =(

Serjikal_Strike2391d ago

Madison Paige from Heavy Rain should replace Bayonetta

2391d ago
nCiTy2391d ago

Jade - Beyond Good and Evil

Gamehard2391d ago

Ada Wong should get an honorable mention lol

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