Editorial: What EA will lose if Battlefield 3 remains off Steam

Plenty of PC gamers sit down each night without knowing what they want to play. Instead, they log into their Steam accounts, see what other people are playing, then jump into a multiplayer game. In many cases, they buy widely played games simply to be part of the community, or based on positive reviews from friends. Steam isn't just a store, it's also a meeting place. EA may have good reasons for keeping Battlefield 3 away from Valve's service, but the company is still going to lose out in goodwill—and possibly in sales.

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Elwenil2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Blah, blah, blah. Yes, Steam is great and I love it but all this noise about EA losing something is a bit ridiculous. All the people saying they are going to boycott BF3 if it's not released on Steam is even more ridiculous. While I am sure some people will not buy it for whatever reason, I'm pretty sure this "boycott" will go down in flames just like every other attempt at boycotting a game in recent memory that goes on to sell millions of copies. It's EA's game, they can sell it however they like. If you don't want to buy it from EA or from some other retailer, don't buy it, but for the love of all that is good in the world, please just shut the hell up.

limewax2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Take your own advice.

Over the Summer Steam Sale there was more than 3 million users on a regular basis, A rather large quantity of those people will be Steam loyal users due to the simplicity of only needing one program and not filling your computer with things you don't need.

Consider how many people will not want to install Origin for 1 game. Consider the lowered price point of games on Steam, Consider the increase of purchases during the summer sale. These are only 3 points, if you cannot see how this will affect sales to some point, You are blind

Edit: added another point that will affect sales in some way or another

Elwenil2533d ago

Like Steam or not, it does not have a monopoly on gaming or communication with friends and other gamers in general. In many ways you can probably blame Steam for the existence of Origin, since EA is basically copying the whole idea. Will it work for only one publisher? Maybe, maybe not. The point is not how much everyone loves Steam or how many people use it, the point is how many people really want to play BF3. This is going to be one of the biggest releases in recent memory. The game's scale is huge, it's easily a AAA title and it's being released on 3 platforms. Is it not being on Steam really going to be a huge difference? I really don't think so. I use Steam, I like it but a game I want to play not being on it has never kept me from buying it and nor will it ever. It's not politics, it's gaming and I personally think people are making too much out of this.

As for Steam's prices, yes they have some great deals but on most titles they are priced similar to other retailers on new releases and I really don't think BF3 would be a title that would have a big discount for a long, long time due to it's obvious popularity. I saved about $200 on the last Summer Sale so I love Steam's prices but the idea that BF3 is somehow going to lose a lot of sales just because it's not on Steam on release is a bit unrealistic.

malol2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

totally agree

and @ limewax
not really
they are just steam users that like steam and its sales ect
not steam fanboys
those are only on websites
heck i know guys that have steam just for free games like portal (when it was free for a week) and now TF2 + other free steam games like alien swarm
i like both retail and steam so i have no problem at all with this since i buy most of my PC games on retails
i just like to keep hardcopies of my games

like a game not on steam =/= im not buying the game that i have been waiting along time for

@ below
don't think this game is going to sell more on consoles
not this one it wont
more like PC sales = 360 and PS3 sales
then yes thats more like it

limewax2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I think we may have crossed wires lol, I don't disagree that it will not do massive damage to the game, especially since most sales will be made on consoles, But from a management point of view, For EA it would be pretty good to boost Origin. Yet for dice, it will mean some extent of loss. I think from a management view it would be better for it to release on steam also, But this is only beneficial particularly to the devs and not the publishers.

Thats a good point, In fact, I suppose the time at which you joined PC gaming will also play some part. As I joined since the Digital Download times, I tend to look at this as one of PC bigger advantages. Yet I would imagine long time PC gamers are more tied to the hard copies, I have noticed this with some of my friends before actually

gamingdroid2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

At least Steam doesn't try an incorporate nasty DRM, essentially introduce online passes to the gaming industry and doesn't have terms that allow them to delete your purchased games due to inactivity on your account.

If you are a gamer, you should be avoiding EA Origin like the plague as EA has done so much harm to the industry. I still regret buying ME1 & 2 digitally at EA. Should have gone with Steam!

BattleAxe2533d ago

All I know is EA will lose my purchase.

lil Titan2533d ago

EA losses nothing, PC gamers will flock to Origin just to pick up BF3 enough said.

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Persistantthug2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Since when is more competition a bad thing?

I'd be thrilled if another grocery store opened up in my neighborhood giving Safeway a run for its money, and offering another place to shop and potentially driving more competition and better prices.

Valve/Steam fanatics need to get some proper perspective....really.

Elwenil2533d ago

Exactly. Honestly, there have been tons of issues in recent years that have polarized the gaming community. Console vs. console, console vs. PC, console vs. mobile, hardcore vs. casual, controller vs. motion controls, this game vs. that game and now Steam vs. Origin. It's all ridiculous. Gamers just want to play games. We don't really care about what is selling more, or what download service is best, or any of that. We just want to play the games that we love to play. All this bitching and moaning about this or that "earth shaking development" in gaming really doesn't mean anything to the average gamer. The majority of gamers I know have no clue what N4G is, or what half of what people here consider "news" is all about. They don't spend time on the Internet fighting over pointless BS. They just play, and have fun doing it. I think a lot more of us, myself included, need to focus more on what gaming is about to them and less on what other people think it's about.

Spinal2532d ago

I Agree bro.

I'm getting my copy from GAME (Uk) limited edition £29.99. Boxed copy.

Yet EA Origin D2D limited edition is £39.99. LOOL.

Theo11302533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Ea won't lose, but aside from BF3 what is going to draw pc gamers toward Orgin, the nearest game is ME3 and that's months away. Also EA hasn't really show the pc love, so what incentive does anyone really have to continue to use orgin. NONE

Chnswdchldrn2533d ago

It may not outright lose by not being on steam

but it sure as hell aint gonna benefit from it

Cpt_kitten2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

nothing cause true Battlefield fans won't cry over it they will buy it over origins or actually go outside to the store and buy the game, either way there still getting the game, playing it, and having fun with it

i did not get the witcher 2 through steam, and oh hey im still having a blast with the game a download service dosn't dictate weather i will still get the game or not and still have fun (unless of course its exclusive)

Steam may be high and might but in the end its still a download service that has complete power over my game because i dont own the physical copy steam fanboy who can't argue his point

TheDarkness2533d ago

Just get it for consoles problem solved

xruiner892533d ago

I'd rather watch my nan crying and being sick on her lap all day.

aquamala2533d ago

But you only get 1/2 of the game

Pandamobile2533d ago

How does getting the console version solve anything...

DarkBlood2533d ago

because they cant take your disk away if you stopped playing it for more then a year or so

Pandamobile2533d ago

What the hell are you talking about? They only remove inactive accounts with no purchased games.

Steam does the same thing.

Gran Touring2533d ago

"because they cant take your disk away if you stopped playing it for more then a year or so"

then just buy the hard copy pc version...

caboose322533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )


Get a load of this guy.

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