Resistance 3 receives big pre-order discount

An online retailer is giving a big discount to the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive first-person shooter, Resistance 3, for a limited time.

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nikrel2510d ago

Nice deal except there are taxes for my state when buying from newegg.

Dlacy13g2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I too get taxed for Newegg... but as is I have way too many games coming. R3 unfortunately will get either gamefly'd or picked up later on.

guitarded772510d ago

I just made my first purchase from newegg a couple weeks ago... they shipped fast and it was tax free for me.

Dir_en_grey2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Search for Resistance 3 at and apply:


to get $48 w/ free 3 day guaranteed shipping.

Great deal.

Spenok2509d ago

Very good deal, however the tax they apply doesnt make it worth it for me, so im just gonna pick it up at Midnight if there is one, or the following morning if there isnt.

Ravens202510d ago

Ehh, I wish these preorder discounts were from Amazon instead of Newegg.

beavis4play2510d ago

yea, i'm staying with amazon........i want the fuel grenades.

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The story is too old to be commented.