Nintendo Wii U Won't Be 'Transitional' Platform, says Peter Moore

Nintendo won't launch its new Wii U console until sometime next year (probably holiday 2012 if we had to guess), but given that the system will only be marginally more powerful than the current PS3 and Xbox 360, some would argue that Nintendo's caught in between and will be leapfrogged not long after launch by a faster PS4 or Xbox 720. EA COO Peter Moore (former EA Sports head) doesn't see that as a problem for Nintendo at all, however

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Dramscus2452d ago

I think it's funny that their revolutionary idea was to make a home console out of the DS.

It is technically a great idea but the sad state of affairs with only being able to have one tablet controller is just sad.

Plus it's really really big, I imagine after a couple hours I wouldn't want to hold it up anymore. Let alone when I'm half dead trying to game at three in the morning.

ChickeyCantor2452d ago

It's said to be very lightweight.
Did the rumble motors in your controller make you tired? Don't think so.

Dramscus2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

yeah but an ipad is light weight and it still feels heavy after many hours of holding and it's like four pounds.

It's more about the angle you have to hold it at than weight. Just having to hold something elevated for a long period of time becomes difficult.

Here do an exercise with me.

Take your left arm and hold it straight out from the side of your body for ten minutes.

It'll start to get pretty heavy, you can probably do it but if you held that long enough your arm would crap out to some degree.

Now my point is that you get muscle fatigue from anything and any increase in weight from more plastic, screens, battery, and microchips inside, along with the wirring motors of rumble support. All adds up.

Now I do believe that the use of the thing has been for short periods so this has yet to be tested by the device itself.

Also at the disagrees on my above post it is essentially a big DS.You have a main gaming screen with an accompanying touch screen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32452d ago

If you were raised on Mario and Zelda you'll be picking up the console anyway, in hi-def also, it isn't a question. And btw, the iPad weighs two pounds, the original does anyway. I'll admit though, that's my only pet peeve with the device.

K922452d ago

"Just having to hold something elevated for a long period of time becomes difficult."

True, but who say's you can't just rest it on your lap?

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thugbob2452d ago

The graphics have to improve significantly. Following Nintendo would not be a good idea for Sony and Microsoft.

What Microsoft and Sony need to do for next gen system is to improve graphics significantly so that the Wii U looks like a joke visually and on top of that add more power, expand online gaming, and come up with a better innovate controller/motion controller.

If they do that their systems will have more selling points than the Wii U which only has currently ONE selling point(reminds me of the 3DS which only has one selling point?).

jessupj2452d ago

"What Microsoft and Sony need to do for next gen system is to improve graphics significantly so that the Wii U looks like a joke visually..."

You mean the exact same thing they did this gen?

I think it might be different next gen though, we won't see the huge sales numbers the wii had. Time will tell though.

thugbob2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )


Can you please read my entire comment?

"What Microsoft and Sony need to do for next gen system is to improve graphics significantly so that the Wii U looks like a joke visually and on top of that add more power, expand online gaming, and come up with a better innovate controller/motion controller."

^^^ If Sony and MS did that they would not be doing exactly what they did this gen... on the other hand the Wii U is doing exactly what it did this gen which is the controller being the only selling point.

I'm saying that Sony and MS shouldn't act like Nintendo by making systems in which the only selling point is the controller. Doing that will only favor Nintendo as you are only following their footsteps instead of making a better system.

Make a system that has better graphics and power than the Wii U and have an innovative controller of your own and it would be very hard for a consumer to choose a Wii U over that system...

subtenko2452d ago

I knew something would be weird going on with the WiiU! After nintendo lowered the 3ds price so fast I was gonna make sure to stay clear of the WiiU when it launched for a while, now I think im not gonna buy one at all. F this crap, I dont like whats going on in the Nintendo sector right now.

At first I heard of no mention of it being a "transitional console" when they released the details of the WiiU at E3, now Im just getting confused on what nintendo is doing.

The only thing I can do is wait and find out when the thing actually releases but if I actually buy one it wont be until about 2/3 years of test run they've had. I'll let the more loyal nintendo fans buy it first then I'll see what they have going on with the WiiU at that point. Lets hope everything will work out for everyone tho!

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

matey2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

the WiiU is using OpenGl that is abit more powerful than DX11 and ps4 is said to be using DX11 graphics as bench mark so WiiU is more powerful or there both so close its stupid to say 1 is better than the other peter moore is still trying to shoot nintendo in the foot and u now what i dont care as Nintendo didnt have HD last time with there games now they have expect wave race,f-zero,Eternal darkness,Metroid,ect in graphics that make EA ps4 graphics look shite all im saying is this bias by people like peter wont exist as Retro studios and such will make EA look stupid so will Valve and Crytek

Plus Iwatas said they have had there wallet out 4 exclusive content on 3ds/wiiu and will show some off at TGS11 so expect big games that have been kept under wrapd 4 ages to be announced.

pain777pas2452d ago

There is some hidden genius in the Wii U design but I think that the Vita makes more sense. The controler should of had a processor, GPU etc....

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lionelglitchy2452d ago

who said its marginally more powerful

Shok2452d ago

Exactly man. I don't get it. They keep saying things that were never confirmed or even hinted at.

What's even weirder is all the hints and rumors say it's much more powerful, yet people STILL say the exact OPPOSITE of what the developers are saying. It makes no sense.

Basically, I'm guessin, they're saying it's just-as/slightly more powerful cause they want it to be. They wish Nintendo would make that mistake. It's sad but that's most likely the correct explanation.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32452d ago

Hopefully Nintendo goes all out in gaining 3rd party support. They need to to do what I'm hearing in the rumors, and that's funding 3rd party development. I think they have the resources to do so.

Takoulya2452d ago

Marginally? After 5 years they can only double the PS3's power! The PS4 and NeXtBox are probably going to have over 4 times the power of their predecessors, completely crushing the Wii U in terms of power. I just don't see why Nintendo insists on being behind in every race they take part in.

lionelglitchy2452d ago

where does it say its only double the power its supposed to have a quad core at 3.6ghz and at least 4000 series gpu which is 4 times the power of ps3 plus more memory

N4g_null2452d ago

Consoles mostly only use Old tech. So what gpu will be console price levels in 6 years on the pc that blows the hd4800 cards out of the water?

If not then I hope your ready for $800 consoles.

batguyz2452d ago

sounds like nice power,but remember so much power comes at a price,remember how the ps3 launched? i doubt u will dip in ur pockets to bring out $600 for that power..wana bet?

DNov2452d ago

That's like comparing the surface of the moon to the surface Dagobah. One isn't know very well and the other doesn't exist. I hope your trolling. And if the difference between the Wii U and PS4 was 200%, nobody could tell the difference. By the way, I think the GPU is from the 5000 series at 500Mhz and the CPU is a 4 core at 1.9Ghz PowerPc 476fp. All tied neatly with 2 gigs of quad channel DDR3.

Lf_sIcKmAn2452d ago

Sony themselves said that the ps4 wont be as much of a gap in power as the ps2-ps3 were... Besides, they wont risk selling at a loss once again, i bet the ps4 will be about 2.5 to 3 x ps3 power... which is enough for a console jump...

Takoulya2452d ago

Ubisoft confirmed that the Wii U was about 2x as powerful as the PS3.

DNov2452d ago

Who at Ubisoft said it was 2x the power? Where is your source?

DNov2452d ago

I didn't read anything about being 2 times the power at all. Maybe you should read the article again?

Takoulya2452d ago

When I say it furthers my case, I say it because a CEO of Ubisoft says that the Wii U outperforms the PS3/360 for SOME games.

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JsonHenry2452d ago

They must know something I don't. Because the video card it is RUMORED to be in it is easily 5-7x more powerful than the video cards in the 360/PS3. That is more than "marginal". Also then IBM cpu rumored to be in it is more powerful than the CELL and the IBM CPU in the 360.

qwertyz2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

the hd radeon 4870 is about 10x more powerful than the graphics processing resources of ps3/360. you are only considering THEORETICAL numbers and not architectural improvements as well. the 4870 is architecturally far superior and FAR more efficient than what you have on consoles its indeed about 10x more powerful when every aspect of its architecture is factored in.

a gtx 580 is about 30-35 times more powerful than what you have in consoles in real world performance so if sony just puts 1 in ps4 it would destroy wii u.

N4g_null2452d ago

The cool thing about the wii u is it doesn't have to be transitional. It can actualy support pc gaming way better along with the power it packs. Yet it does it in away that feels natural if you just want to rest it in your lap like a normal controller.

On top of this the wii u allows things that other consoles and most pc setups don't. Standard interactive screen on screen layering, vr windowing, ar windowing projected on top of the actually tv. Example they could do a res evil where the zombies come out of the screen al la the ring. The immersion factor is huge and the HUD work is the lower hanging fruit.

There are other cool things this console can do but I should just let it all unfold. It actually is better to leave expectations low then blow them out of the water.

Cpt_kitten2452d ago

im looking forward to this, it will be interesting to see how they use the screen to controller, and with all the 3rd party support hopefully they can stay away from 500 imagine games and 300 cooking mamas releasing every week and get some real games to the system on top of doing HD Nintendo classics like Zelda, and Mario will be interesting to see too

NYC_Gamer2452d ago

that ipad controller is the selling point

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