Gametropolis: Has the 3DS launch really been a disaster?

Gametropolis writer Lee Hobbs looks at how the 3DS launch compares to other console launches, and whether the issues surrounding Nintendo's new handheld are totally unique to the system.

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Kamikaze1352391d ago

It wasn't a disaster, but I'm sure it wasn't what Nintendo was expecting. I think next time they want to release a new console / handheld, they should make sure to have several AAA titles either launching along side with it or a month after launch at least. The 3DS seems as if it was rushed.

manman62391d ago

I think Nintendo has learned their lesson about not having games for a new handheld or console.

Shnazzyone2391d ago

It'll pick up almost assuredly. I mean PS3 only had resistance to play on it for the longest time after launch and look at it now.

charmer2388d ago

no it really hasnt but there are haters...considering its price, online was lacking, and games...its launch was good...even ds started off slow.....and mostly all 3ds issues are solved and its less then 6 months old..