SFX-360: Razer Chimeara 5.1 Wireless Headset Review

Andrew at SFX-360 says:

"I’m new to reviewing headsets and I’ll state that me getting my hands on a device such as the Razer Chimaera is an honor. I know a lot of my friends are thankful that I don’t use the kinect to chat with them at least. For quite a while now I’ve been using the headset as a device to play music, playing on Xbox LIVE and to chat in game of course. The entire time using the device I was blown away with the quality.

Razer makes many great products ranging from PC items such as keyboards, mice and headsets; they’ve also gotten into things such as Xbox 360 controllers and headsets for the system, which I think is a great move for the company. I’ll say now that this is up there with many of the headsets out today. I can’t compare it to headsets such as Astros, Turtle Beach, and Tritton due to not having used them. This review is to bring up the good and or bad things about the headset in case you want to purchase one in the future."

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JellyJelly2452d ago

Friend of mine just bought a pair of Turtle Beach Earforce X41. I won't mention these to him cause I'm afraid it would make him cry :) These look miles better and probably have better audio as well.

H2OAcidic2452d ago

So I guess the ones who disagreed are TB fan boys? Anyways, the device takes around 2-3 minutes to hook up and you're gaming in no time.

I admit that in the future I'll go Astro but if you're looking for something to get you by then this would be the way to go. I shall include with the other "wireless" headsets a wire is still needed to talk. This device requires a wire as well. The only thing different between the others is some include mix amps, some other device the requires hook ups and etc. This is simply a headset, base stand, and plays in very high quality when it comes to gaming.

gcolley2452d ago

i need to hear the difference between 4 speakers in each ear (tritton Ax Pro) or just one (Razer chimera 5.1). Dolby digital vs. dolby headphone or whatever it is called. the Tritton's have true 5.1 sound, i have a pair of AX360's but I hear the Ax Pro's have improved a lot on mine. I wasn't that impressed with mine for directional (front/back) sounds and they are heavy as well. If i can't tell the difference then i am happy to look at 2 speaker headphones such as these Razer 5.1 Chimeras.