Bodycount demo confirmed, 'lots of ideas' for Bodycount 2

SystemLink: "Our big brother Gamer's Guide to had an interview with Max Cant, Bodycount's art director, on both the demo version of Bodycount and the possibility of a sequel."

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Cpt_kitten2261d ago

never even heard of this game till now, demo would be good

da_2pacalypse2261d ago

by the creators of Black from the ps2/xbox days. I think it will be a good game, however i don't think it's sales will be able to compete during these holidays

Cpt_kitten2261d ago

well if its from the creators of black its going to be amazing, Black was awesome and the true definition of the Black Ops, not lasts year call of duty dude bro blow stuf up crap that they called the black ops

PhilipLarkin2261d ago

Nope. If you see the video, he confirms no PC

xruiner892261d ago

Is it coming to PC, or just no demo for PC?

smt302261d ago

Demos are great. If it wasn't for the Just Cause 2 demo I wouldn't have looked twice at that game.