Bring Back…… X-Wing

STN Writes:

Bring Back is a new ShopToNews feature in which we look at old games or franchises and tell you why we would love to see either new versions or an HD remake brought to consoles now.

In this first article, Joe our talks about why he would like to see the Star Wars X-Wing series of games make a return.

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Ulf2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Tie Fighter was better. It was epic.

Great series though, I concur with the article author. It might suck on consoles, sadly, and the number of PC gamers with flightsticks is abysmally low these days.

wotta2413d ago

I'd love them to try and bring it to consoles though. Its a classic game.

solar2413d ago

is gladly buy a freaking badass flight stick for another TIE Fighter!!!

Trekster_Gamer2413d ago

Bring X-Wing and something like X-Wing Alliance back, heck even a updated rogue leader would be awesome!

Dlacy13g2413d ago

X-wing, Tie Fighter...and Mechwarrior. bring em all back. While we are at it... a proper X-com title. Old School revamped for the win!

Ulf2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Smith & Tinker is already bringing MechWarrior 5, as I recall... or at least they were.

They & MS have been awful quiet about it for a while now.

Dlacy13g2413d ago

I was super pumped when they put out that announcement trailer 2+ years ago but we haven't seen anything or even heard anything so something tells me that game got shelved. I hope not...but my hope is quickly fading.

mikeh09182413d ago

I heard that there were some copyright problems.

Si-Fly2413d ago

Ah, the hours I put into X-Wing and tie fighter on my underpowered 486 SX25, good times!

moho-foe2413d ago

I thought I was the only one using a 486SX to run X-Wing.

Did anyone get the "Gold Disk" X-Wing vs Tie fighter collectors edition?

JellyJelly2413d ago

Would be perfect for the KINECT, don't you think?

Easy easy, just kidding! :p

Ulf2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

The idea of trying to fly a TIE fighter, or X-Wing, with Kinect sickens me, and not because it would be so realistic as to give me motion sickness.

I'd gladly by a force-feedback flightstick though, if this used it.

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