Making the case for inFAMOUS 2: Why Sony's Free-running, electro-shock sequel is worth your time.

Perhaps it came out too close to Activision’s Prototype, maybe a superhero-who-isn’t wasn’t a marketable enough concept for people to latch on to, but whatever the reason may be, folks just don’t seem to talk about the original inFAMOUS on the same level they do Uncharted, or even Sucker Punch’s own Sly Cooper. inFAMOUS 2 hopes to drive it all home, carrying the pulse of the first and wrap up both the narrative and the possibilities rooted in the first. Is there chain-lightning in the follow-up, or is there not enough power to keep this engine running?

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BubbleSniper2293d ago

this game is awesome. quite literally, i have only spent maybe 2 hours playing it, but once i get the time i'll invest more time and hopefully platinum it

mandf2293d ago

One of the most under rated games this year. The gameplay is awesome.

Serjikal_Strike2293d ago

its an easy platinum

very good game

kneon2293d ago

Yes it was one of the easier games to platinum, that's the only negative I have about the game, it was a bit too easy.

But it was a great game, I played every available minute for days after getting it, I just couldn't stop.

badz1492293d ago

but I'm not complaining! it's such a great game! great job Sucker Punch!

nycredude2293d ago

It gets better as you play and the ending is freeaking awesome! Good ending that is. I have to go back and play the evil one.

Electroshocked2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Well, obviously because the game is quite literally ''Electroshocking' '

Edit: Why the hell can't I edit out that space in between the quotes at the end of that sentence?

gaden_malak2293d ago

Awesome game. Finished it not to long ago.
Will platinum soon.

TheCampfireSong2293d ago

Almost done the first one, can't wait to start infamous2.

gypsygib2293d ago

One of the best games this year, correction, this gen - the entire series.