Red Dead Redemption Franchise Sales Over 11 Million

Today, Take-Two has revealed their Quarter 1 Fiscal Year 2012 results and an updated look at the sales of Red Dead Redemption.

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iHEARTboobs2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


Edit - Yeah, Redemption isn't a Franchise on it's own, but Read Dead is a Franchise.

-Mezzo-2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Definitely i would love to see, Red Dead become a franchise, after 11 Million sales it'll be stupid not to make it a franchise.

Plus a a huge fan of the games, i cannot wait for the next red Dead Announcement.

@ PirateThom -- totally forgot about that, :P maybe because i never got to play it.

PirateThom2420d ago

It is a franchise..., well, "Redemption" is one game in the franchise.

Red Dead Revolver
Red Dead Redemption

guitarded772420d ago

And Red Dead Undead Nightmare was a stand alone game.

P_Bomb2420d ago

They said 2 million of those sales were from Undead Nightmare.

andreasx2420d ago

@ P Bomb: undead nightmare was not a stand alone game, it was an expansion pack to RDR

smt302420d ago

@andreasx ... You can buy it without RDR, disc-only format.

Rockstar treat their big expansions as full games (deservedly so) as Undead Nightmare was amazing.

BattleAxe2420d ago

Can we get a PC version now please???

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best cow boy game ive ever played.

qwertyz2420d ago

whichever console maker buys take 2 wins next gen.

Spenok2419d ago

Never know. Im surprised that neither seems to be interested.

However looking at the amount of multiplatform games this company makes they either would be a HUGE investment or Take 2 would basically just say no. They would loose out on far to much money if they went single console exclusive.

Drazz2420d ago

I wonder if it would be a prequel, or how far they would advance the timeframe.

Theo11302420d ago

Where's my pc version? please!!!

Spenok2419d ago

Seriously. I can only imagine where it would be at if they had release it on PC as well. 15+ mil?

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