T2 Q1 2012 fiscal results; revenue of $334.4 M, digital sales up 49%, Xbox 360 revenue overtakes PS3

SystemLink: "Numbers, figures and statistics. Get your calculator and get ready to come on a wild adventure as we run through the newly posted Take-Two Q1 2012 fiscal results."

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jackoffjim2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

All that this is about is over taking the PS3 and nothing more. Flame bait article.

Apotheosize2414d ago

you see what you want to see..

PhilipLarkin2414d ago

Yes, what a flamebait article that objectively shows factual figures based on reality.

Pure fanboyism, that.

gamingdroid2414d ago

I didn't know PS3 had overtaken the Xbox 360 by 1% last year...

oddly it got reversed this year and it appears the gain for the Xbox 360 is at the expense of PS3. T2 revenue is down as well as dipping into loss.

newleaf2414d ago

Last year ps3 overtook xbox 360 because GTA IV Liberty City Stories released for PS3 and had released for xbox 360 the previous year. So in essence T2 released 1 more game extra on ps3 that year and managed to make 1% more money than on 360

lelo2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

American market is quite big...
"Little change in geography, however, as North America takes 54% and International sales make up the other 46%."

This is not to start a console war... but it will interesting to see if Rockstar's Agent will continue PS3 exclusive.

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cstyle2414d ago

Not surprised.. Sony has been getting spanked since they launched.

iHEARTboobs2414d ago

Speaking of things that aren't surprising, you have one bubble.

IRetrouk2414d ago

so this is just for take two? i thought it was for console sales the way it was worded, nothing really to see here folks

jackoffjim2414d ago

Like I said. Flame bait.

rmedtx8882414d ago

Well, PS3 owners tend to buy exclusives more. The quality of exclusives in many cases surpasses what is published for all consoles.