Bethesda promises that RAGE runs fine on PS3

There has been some buzz around the Internet concerning the PS3 version of RAGE, with reports that the Blu-ray's latent loading is contributing to an inferior product. We contacted Bethesda to see if there was a real issue at play, but the company remains resolute that all three versions are the same.

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jriquelme_paraguay2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

how many times we need hear/read this.. ¬¬

meetajhu2538d ago

yeah. Nobody said it runs bad on any platform except some minor issues with 360 and Ps3

ksense2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

x360 version being the best is a thing of the past. now either they are better on ps3 or they are about equal with very minor differences

portal 2,la noire, brink, homefront, shadows of the damned were all better on ps3... and most of them had exclusive content for them which was NOT timed!!!

Dante1122538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

@ qwerty below

Wait a minute, you have a mandatory install of 21-22 GB on the Xbox360 and it still will be multi disks for the 360? I thought the 21GB install article was about the PS3 (just assumed without reading it since that's the usual case). I might just cancel my Xbox360 preorder and get the PS3 version if it's the same according to Carmack.

ActivistBike2538d ago


I remember the days when this site yelled at Lens of the Truth for being Xbox fanboys.

You say "now either they are better on ps3 or they are about equal with very minor differences." Which completely sounds fanboyish, because you of course listed games that LoT said were better on the PS3. But you didnt list Transformers: DotM, FEAR 3, Alice, Dirt 3, Flashpoint, and Mortal Kombat just cause they said so. The console exclusive DLC is just dumb just like preorder DLC, but whatever keeps you happy.

Oh man the multiplats are always better on the PS3. Hahahaha

Voxelman2538d ago

@ Dante112
The 360 install is optional like all 360 installs and installs the entire games to the HDD to boost performance. The PS3 only has a partial install so if you install the entire game on the 360 it will perform better as HDD is faster than a disc.

cjflora2538d ago

@Dante, did you think the 22GB was going to install from one DVD?

GrieverSoul2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

The fact that a dve comes out and say they are the same does not make it true. Its his PR side! He has to say that. However, "concerns" usually tend to come out true when the final product is released. Im not saying the PS3 version will be inferior but it may have longer loading times or screen tear or any other issue. The same may apply to xbox360. It may have one or two of those issues too.

NOTE: To the lens of truth being a pro Xbox site, I just wanna say that whenever a game came talking about mandatory install for the PS3 everyone and their mothers screamed about that! That the PS3 couldnt read the bluray with enough speed and other similar BS. Now, RAGE has an install of about 20gb (optional) and those same people scream "250gb FTW". /facepalm

jeseth2537d ago

Bethesda has proven they can dev for PS3. I have no reason to believe Skyrim would be any different.

Can't Wait.

paintsville2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Wow way to troll there pall.
I see that you only listed a FEW that were better on ps3 and failed to list the overwhelming number of releases that were better on 360 most recently Call of Juarez the Cartel, Dirt 3, FEAR 3, Alice, Mortal Kombat, Bullett Storm, Assasins Creed, Call of Duty Black Ops, Metal of Honor, and Dead Rising 2 just name a very small portion. Typical denial and just trying to justify the PS3. I guess now LOT is a credible site for the ps3 guys since they listed a few wins for ps3. Now if VGChartz begins listing ps3 ahead of 360 they'll become legit too.
Yeah OK.

SilentNegotiator2537d ago

"It's fine"
"Then why are you keeping it behind your back, Bethesda?"
"'s fine"

morganfell2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago ) and another story snatched out of thin air. Apparently Carmack's comments do not count.

If I install to the HDD its nice to know that PS3 drive space Hi cheap..

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fr0sty2538d ago

I think the author of this article forgets that since all PS3's come standard with a hard disc drive, data can be pre-loaded onto it or cached on it to decrease the hit from BD latency. If done properly, in certain cases it can also lead to less load times while playing the game itself than 360's DVD drive allows.

qwertyz2538d ago

but with rage fully installed on 360 it should load faster)than the ps3 version(but would require 21-22gb of free HDD space) because the ps3 version only has a partial mandatory install.

360s with harddrives will also load faster than those without because the HDD will be used as a secondary cache but not as fast as the ps3 version because the ps3 version will have some parts of the game stored on the harddrive

fr0sty2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Problem being, only a certain percentage of Xbox 360 owners out there will even have a hard drive at all, much less one big enough to hold the over 20GB full install. Every 20GB 360 sold, as well as any 4GB Xbox 360 arcade will not have enough space to install the game without upgrading the hard drive.

That's 3 models that cannot install the game stock, that isolates a nice chunk of the install base.

Also, even though the PS3 version may not do a full install, that doesn't mean you'll see a dramatic difference in load times. If they cache the data that needs the highest bandwidth on the drive (for instance, you wouldn't want to stream music from the drive, so you'd leave that on the disc since there isn't as much bandwidth involved as streaming high resolution textures on the fly to create your environment. things like that are less likely to be affected by the blu-ray drive's read speed bottleneck), they should still be able to stream enough data from the disc in combination with the data on the hdd to produce a solid experience. Carmack himself even said that there would likely be less texture pop in on the PS3 version, so obviously they aren't having too much trouble with transfer speeds on the ps3.

Dante1122538d ago

@ frosty

That's why I was a bit worried about the mandotory 21GB install for the Xbox360 because I don't have that much space now (unless I delete alot of my stuff). I didn't know it would be that big with Rage being multi disk on the 360. Damn.

catguykyou2537d ago

Soooo....the game is 3 disks. The way the installs work on 360, like they always do, is you have the option of installing to boost performance. You DO NOT have ot install all the disks at once or even at all. You can just install disk 2, or just install disk 1 and 3.
It's just copying everything off the disk onto the hdd.

Point is, assuming the game does not make you swap disks every-time you want to go to a certain area (that would be dumb and there aren't any games that make you do that), you will install first disk (4-7 gigs), beat first disk, delete install, install 2nd disk, beat it, delete install, install 3rd disk, beat it, delete the install.

You can vary this configuration up in multiple ways. If you don't have the hard drive space, you can choose not to install any of it. I will never understand the articles that try to make out 360 game installs as being what they aren't.

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Godmars2902538d ago

Up to and until the game is out. At which time there will either be tons of nitpicking online articles, or a legitimate explosions with added 'console X is doomed' if there does turn out to be major issues with the PS3 version.

limewax2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Its going to be hard to play out such cards over a game while the competing console also has an issue, Such as disc quantity. This will also be the first multi-disc FPS I have ever noticed. It may well be the first ever but I wouldn't want to suggest it without knowing for sure. But if that is the case, then I would suggest this could also spark a 'X console is doomed' trend

solar2538d ago

if PS3 extremists dont hear it enough, someone needs to be "black listed".

showtimefolks2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

if you google that you can find quotes from ID saying all both console versions will look the same

ID also said they were having trouble fitting the game even on 3 disks because of MS 2gb security software on each disk

Bladesfist2537d ago

And if you watch carmacks quakecon presentation, He talks about the problems and advantages of each system.

Here is a summary but i suggest you watch it as it was interesting.

PS3 - Blu ray latancy, split ram, 1 disk

Xbox 360 - 3 disks, No ram constraints

PC - 10 times the power of console, Harder to optimize for and reach the full potential. Steam allows them to work on pc version right up to release date. Mods.

His biggest problem he said in his presentation was ram constraints on the consoles not HDD or blu ray.

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OhMyGandhi2538d ago

...swear to god and hope to die?

2537d ago
zeddy2537d ago

i dont want it to run fine, i want it to run equally as good as the 360, no excuses now.

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TenSteps2538d ago

I'm not saying it won't but until I get the game myself and test it I'm not saying it will either.

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