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Ready Up staff writer Paul Rooney reviews Arcana Heart 3, EXAMU's latest addition to the world of 2D fighting games - but is it a knockout, or does it not pack much of a punch?

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RaptureLeaking2356d ago

Can't wait to play this! No doubt I'll get beaten horribly but it's so pretty I won't care. :)

foxus2355d ago

It might actually tempt me back into the realms of the 2D fighter!

CrescentFang2355d ago

Is this like the only good review for this game? Well everyone go out and buy it.
(Well I feel bad for 360 owners, they didn't get this game in the US, right?)

ThatGiloFella2355d ago

Must... resist... buying another... beat 'em up!

As you can tell, Mr Rooney and his remarked-upon reviews make quite the case! Nice work!