MK9 Freddy Krueger DLC Creepy TV Commercial

1, 2 Freddy's coming for you.....This creepy yet awesome new commercial has been released to promote the newest Mortal Kombat 9 DLC character set to be released on Aug 9th.

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Cereal2505d ago

If this is really going to be shown on TV then it will only turn people away from the game. A lot of people are already planning to boycott the compatibility pack because Freddy isn't a MK character and is taking up a MK character's slot on the roster(Kratos is different as he was free and already came on the disc).

And because Tom Brady is Sub-Zero. >_>

ali711arab2505d ago

I gotta disagree with you, Freddy isn't taking up any MK players slot on the roster. He was planned to be DLC from the very beginning. The new compatibility pack is free, why would anyone boycott 2 free costumes, because Freddy isn't an old MK fighter? don't think so. Take it for what it is, an awesome guest appearance on an already great game

Serjikal_Strike2505d ago

I wouldn't call that creepy...but still

can't wait to buy this tomorrow!

mrmikew20182505d ago

This is going to be good. I forgot the name for the type demon they call Freddy in Japan. But since it is the netherworld in MK, I guess he kinds of fits in....right?

lazertroy2505d ago

This looks like the new Freddy. Which Sucks!