Massively Burned Out

With more than a decade of highly successful MMORPGs, we have only seen two or three titles that have claimed the spotlight. Have we reached a point of stagnation? Where has all of the innovation gone in the industry? 4Player dives into the issue.

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ATi_Elite2535d ago

More like only Massively beginning.

Planside 2, FireFall, TERA, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Black Prophecy are just a few of the MMO's i plan on playing upon release in the next 6 months which is way up from the ZERO i currently play now (I quit playing EVE).

That right there let's you know that change in the MMO format is here as these MMO's are Nothing like WoW.

Dramscus2535d ago

Now someone just needs to find balls big enough to make mmo racing, strategy, sandbox, and adventure platforming games.

If its still not done after we (friends and I) finish working through the que of game idea's we already have I'll start in on these.

Ducky2535d ago

MMO Racing like TrackMania?

Dramscus2535d ago

That looks pretty sweet but I was thinking of something more like a super massive burnout paradise city but like a couple hundred times the size. Maybe even a realistic creation of the earth that operated as a driving mmo.

Though I also thing an mmo sandbox game (like GTA more or less) could manage to include something like that just by being what it is.

Ducky2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

MMO Sandbox like APB?

... wait a second, GTA already has online on PC (I forgot what the server cap was for SanAndreasMP)
... and Minecraft could also qualify as... something.

ATi_Elite2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Racing = iRacing or Tracmania 1 or 2

Strategy = End of Nations RTS, Battleforge, Eve Online (it does not get more strategy than Eve Online) plus many more

Adventure = Vindictus, Divine Souls plus many more

Platforming Games = Maple Story and about a 100 more!

Sandbox = APB GTAIV MP plus a few more

Here's a gift for you! A guide to every MMO and MMO genre there is

Dramscus2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

You keep listing games that have multiplayer components but aren't strictly mmo's.

You are missing the point.

GTA 4 is not mmo, warhawk wouldn't even be an mmo. Eve online is not rts, though yes it is strategy but that is not what is generally meant by strategy. Maple story seemed more like a beat em up, and APB looks like a good one but it seems more like regular online (though I have not played it, just watched a trailer and read the wiki) but it doesn't seem like it hase a persistant online world that can be populated by a nearl unlimited amount of people.

I will say that again because that is what an MMO is.

A persistant online world that can be populated by thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people.
If a game is capping out at 32, 64, or even 256 people it's not an mmo it's just an online multiplayer game.

If the world is not persistant, if you start into a game lobby and then a map is loaded fresh then it is not an mmo.

I don't count maple story because it's not really very innovative, it's like a martial arts beat em up story based game that is mmo yes but it's old hat.
The origional post article is about being burnt out on the features of the genre so we should all essentially be talking about new things.

Oh on that note I'm also discounting anything text based and almost anything thats 2d that doesn't bring something never seen in the gaming world to the table.

2d games are limiting and all look pretty much the same.

Ducky2535d ago

^ I was actually referring to SanAndreas multiplayer when I mentioned 'GTA'.

... but I don't think anything in that game is persistent to begin with.

evrfighter2535d ago

Wow how long do you play mmos? About a month? Guild wars 2 for its new features its bringing mmos. start wars for its story.

Everything else is just gonna be wow cut and paste.

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fileman372535d ago

WoW is an amazing game but its getting old. All the MMOs till now were just trying to copy wow. Glad to see some new innovative games (cant wait for gw2)

kamakaz3md2535d ago

cause most of them are on a PC, and well... the PC just isnt that much a rockin in the gaming industry, hate to burst ur bubble playa

fileman372535d ago

Consoles are for casual players not for hardcore. MMO games WOULD suck on consoles. Just sayin! BTW Guild Wars 2 is really innovative!

Ares842535d ago

You are very wrong fileman37.

Consoles aren't for casual players. Consoles are for the hardcore as well. It doesn't matter what platform you game on you can still be a hardcore gamer. You fail to realize this so in my eyes you aren't even a gamer but just a PC elitist with a very narrow minded view on the gaming world.

Also, DC Universe is a console MMO. Any MMO could be done on consoles if the devs wanted to do it.

As for hardcore.....I own 248 PS3 games and play as much as I can. In BFBC2 online alone I have 260+hours.

But at the same time, I have a life as well so not every second is spent with gaming because it's not possible unless you live in mommies basement.

kamakaz3md2535d ago

ps3 is for the hardcore imo... pc is still nice, but when it comes to hardcore it would be the ps3... so many great exclusives... must play games. I feel bad for the people who never played infamous 1 - 2 or uncharted, or resistance. And yea i get that the pc is a powerhouse, and games can be so much better... so where the hell are these games, and why arent they using the technology... theres no reason they cant make pc exclusives!!??

Ducky2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )


There's plenty of pc exclusives.
Educate yourself.

MMOs could be done, but they face a problem similar to strategy games in that the controller isn't really ideal for these kinds of games.
DC Universe is a good start, but if MMORPGs are to become popular on console, someone has to rethink the controlling scheme and allow for a streamlined experience that still leaves room for advanced... stuff.

There is potential, it just has to be tapped correctly.

A big part of modern PC gaming is 'casual' gaming. It's not easy to ignore Zynga or PopCap.
... and that isn't necessarily a bad thing either.

Ares842535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )


You do know that the PS3 is fully compatible with any keyboard or mouse. So I don't see an issue.

EDIT: That I don't know since I only tried the beta. But the point is that it can be done on the PS3 since we can have the same controls on the PS3 as on PC. Oh and, why isn't it practical? Because you just insert the disk and play instead of playing around with the settings for hours?? I don't follow.

Ducky2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Hmm, I didn't consider that...

... but does a game like DC Universe recognize the Keyboard and allow for custom button mapping?

It doesn't sound practical to be playing on a console with KB+M if you already have a PC (since most MMOs don't have steep hardware requirements)
I'll stand by what I said, someone has to figure out how to harmonize the controller with the game for the MMORPG genre to really take off on consoles.

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caboose322535d ago

There is a reason why you dont find many MMO's on a console.....playa.

Saryk2535d ago

The Secret World will be something to see, I hope!

MilkMan2535d ago

Cause the vast majority of gamers stick with what they know.

They play COD to death until the next games in the series comes out..hell even John Carmack said so.

"Its the developers job to keep making stuff that sells, not innovate."
(Not a direct quote, I'm paraphrasing)

Until you start paying and playing different kinds of games, you gonna burn yourselves out.