Suggest a name for the next Mod Nation Racers game on PS Vita

Yup, you heard right, the people down at the Mod Nation Racer studios have opened their ears and are ready to hear any ideas for names for the upcoming release of the game on the PS Vita. A quote from the blog post says:

If you haven’t heard, we at San Diego Studio are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita and we would like to tap into the brilliant minds that have conceived over two million amazing MNR creations by asking for your input. What do YOU think the title of the upcoming release should be? To help your creativity here are some details about the upcoming game.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2450d ago

Mod Nation Aces

A play create share racing game with airplanes instead of cars? Wonder how track editor would work. Hmmmm