PC Gamer Interview—Hard Reset dev on Call of Duty, cyberpunk, Deus Ex, PC exclusivity

In July, we blew the lid off Flying Wild Hog’s cyberpunk-soaked love letter to shooters of yore, Hard Reset. But—after picking the lid shrapnel out of our charred flesh—we realized something: this isn’t a typical game release. Big-budget PC exclusive? No multiplayer? Nothing about crying behind cover 70 percent of the time? We asked, and Flying Wild Hog founder Klaudiusz Zych answered. Read on for Zych’s thoughts about Call of Duty, Deus Ex, phoned-in multiplayer, PC leaving consoles in the dust, and plenty more. [Nathan Grayson]

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ddkshah2658d ago

Now this is what I call a pc exclusive fps :D Damn I am too hyped up for this game. This is like Uncharted for the pc :D Like how it's a single player oriented game and going to use the full power of pc's ;)

ATi_Elite2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Yeh this is on my "must buy, I gotta have it Day 1, dam I can't give them my money fast enough" list.

Nothing better some Old School Devs making a PC Exclusive. I hope they use Steam and I hope they got their Ferrari's picked out cause it's gonna rain money for them on release day.

BeastlyRig2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

" In the world of Hard Reset, a rebellious AI is capable of building enemies from everything it can. Literally hundreds of randomly generated, differently appearing enemies will show up. And as I said, we were inspired by Painkiller, so expect BIG surprises."

Theo11302658d ago

Have they released any sales figures?

ATi_Elite2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

@ Theo1130

The Game is not out Yet!....for crying out Loud!

Theo11302657d ago

I meant for the Witcher 2

solar2658d ago

cant wait!!! i miss the old school shooter :(

Cpt_kitten2658d ago

after reading this......these guys are my new heroes

Letros2657d ago

"Hard Reset is a game that you want to jump on after work and unleash some mayhem. It’s not an interactive movie on rails like most modern shooters."


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