Guild Wars 2: Redesigning the Sylvari

Every race in Guild Wars 2 started with a simplified description—a way to describe the essence of the people in a sentence or less. The sylvari description was pared down to just three words: noble, beautiful, plant. In the past, our design iterations would always lean towards one or two of these descriptors, but in the end we really wanted to have a race that would represent all three characteristics clearly.

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Ser2509d ago

I really dig the look. At first I thought the Sylvari were going to be the stereotypical elven race. I'm glad they went with a more organic design.

My first character is still going to be a Norn, though! :)

Giru0172508d ago

Agreed. At first they were your standard elvish/fairy style characters... With this redesign, there's a lot more personality and feeling behind it. I'm personally going for Asura though, but I can't wait till GW2 is released.

It's such a shame that so many people don't read these diaries to get an appreciation of how deep this game really, how much thought went into every detail and why it's been in development forever.