Kotaku - An Hour with Skyrim - It’s Amazing

Kotaku - I mean no disrespect when I say this: I couldn't give a dragon's ass about the story in Skyrim. It may well be wonderful, but as the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series—none of which I've played for more than an hour or two at most—I've never had any opportunity to understand, let alone grow to love, the story.

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Jacks_Medulla2416d ago

I have a feeling this could become one of my favorite games of all time.

BeOneWithTheGun2415d ago

Ive been calling it GOML (Game Of My Life) for a couple months now. Some mock but I have never been so excited for a game and I cut my teeth on the Atari system in the 80s. After watching that leaked 45 min gameplay video I am truly dying to play this game.

Jacks_Medulla2415d ago

Yeah, Oblivion was an amazing game, but it was marred by a clunky interface and technical issues. Not only does Skyrim look to rectify these issues, but the scores of new gameplay systems, better( in my opinion) art direction, and the sheer amount of things to do, ensure that this will be an amazing game. Perhaps, even, the "ultimate" fantasy RPG.

RedDead2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

And the level scaling, can't forget that^^ Gone now with Skyrim though(for Fallout one)

Brosy2415d ago

Lol I feel ya. After watching that 40 min Video I got that "ol'RPG feeling". I can hardly wait til November.

Ch1d0r12415d ago

hey guys heres the 40 min vid from quakecon, HD vid

Stealth2k2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

its a sad day when people dont play rpgs anymore for the story or the gameplay and just to wonder around like this guy...........

I will be busy between skyrim, disgaea 4, monster joker 2, xenoblade, persona 2 IS, fate/stay, solorobo, and importing............

and any other rpg that comes along

@ below

I am critiquing him, not the game.

Cpt_kitten2416d ago

yeah, but on the defense Elder Scrolls since morrowind has been about exploring the world aimlessly for hours on end which of course there is nothing wrong with makes it very immersive but i do understand what you mean

Bigpappy2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

You got it cpt. These knob jump all over me for saying the same thing. This is not a JRPG like FF game where you play an interactive story. The story in Elder Scrolls games is just the main side quest. The ES games are about developing your character while exploring the huge and diverse world. The world is diverse and unpredictable. Everyone will tell the stories about their experiences in the game, and no two would be the same. This is why many ES vets did not like Oblivion as much as those before it. Exploration was not very rewarding and made it more of and action game than an RPG. Skyrim looks to have fixed that issue.

The true beauty wit ES, is the freedom to do as you please, buy there are consequences, just like in real life. I don't understand why more people don't get into this series. It is the ultimate fantasy game. It lets you create your own stories just by the natural way you choose to play it. You could have morals or not have any. In Morrowind, you could join the religious groups, destroy them or just ignore them, same with any other group. You could steal get caught and sent to jail or pay the fine. You could even choose to fight the guards. You could choose to explore for rear items, then look around for the best price.

All of this had nothing to do with the story. That is what he is talking about.

grailly2416d ago

@ bigpappy

people don't get into these games? WHAT?!?
I would argue that bethesda's games are the most popular RPGs(excluding MMOs), it just didn't hit mainstream because they still are quite hardcore and demand you to invest a few hours before you really get into them.

paintsville2415d ago

This game will be freaking awesome on 360. I can't wait!!!!

MAJ0R2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

it will be even better on my PC :>

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lastdual2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I think the author's point is less "I don't care about the story" and more "the gameplay is so good that I would play this even without a story".

Ch1d0r12416d ago

hey thats how many feel about Demon's Souls.

SephirothX212416d ago

He didn't say he wasn't playing it for the gameplay. Just because he won't experience the story, doesn't mean you can't.

Cpt_kitten2416d ago

well of course its amazing its elder scrolls there is nothing less for that

Troll-without-Bridge2416d ago

I dont care about what kotaku has to say, i want videos damn it!

jdktech20102416d ago

I could jus tnever get into Oblivion or ES3. No idea why....I think the controls felt clunky to me and more trouble than they were worth. I'm going back and forth on Skyrim as it's obviously more of the same but it looks pretty cool....just a matter of it plays like Oblivion or not

Jocosta2416d ago

No biggie, there are plenty of games that are considered great that I can't quite get into, different strokes.

edhe2415d ago

Took me about 10 hours to be seduced by oblivion, i learned to deal with the clunkiness over that time.

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