Nintendo Explains the Wii U Name

Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi explains why Nintendo called it the "Wii U."

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qwertyz2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I still think wii 2 would have sounded better just my opinion though

Droid Control2477d ago

Wii and Wii U are incredibly stupid names for a console. Nintendo should be ashamed of themselves.

What happened to the Revolution?

caseh2477d ago

I quite liked Revolution as a name as well.

They could have gone with the naming convention of Japanese cars like the Honda Civic - Nintendo Type-R :D

ChickeyCantor2477d ago

Because Wii is easy to say all over the world.
Revolution isn't.

They shouldn't be ashamed, it's a marketing trick.

mike1up2477d ago

That explained a lot... lol
I hated the Wii name at first, and now its totally grown on me. At this point, i just want some of those killer games that never looked in the Wii's direction, i dont care if theyre a few years old. I can get over a bad name, a lot easier than getting over no 3rd titles.

jacksonmichael2476d ago

I totally agree, although the Wii name has yet to grow on me. I call it the Us.

charmer2477d ago

what nintendo need to focus on is cutting support for the wii in a big way when wiiu comes out so people are not confused.....but show games that takes advantage of the wiiu controller and its a done deal