Nyko Zoom for Kinect on Sale at

GoozerNation: "Wanting to play Kinect but don’t have a 15 foot long living room? Nyko announced a while back that they will be releasing the Nyko Zoom, to solve that very problem."

Release date and price point inside, including the Amazon pre-order special price.

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2262d ago
danielle0072262d ago

Wow, if this works, I'll buy it. Pretttty awesome.

Cpt_kitten2262d ago

15 foot living room lolz troll sentence right there

it only need 6-8 feet a foot or two of which can be dropped if you place it on top of your tv

stop whineing cause your to lazy to move your furniture

this is good for dorm rooms if this actually works

djcitizend2262d ago

I think you're reading into the troll thing a little too much there. Not every game optimizes as 6 - 8 feet. Some require 8 - 10 feet to really work. When you figure in the size of a couch and what not, 15 ft isn't out of the question.

Now, had it said 50 feet, then yeah, we'd be troll hunting.

Also, most apartments aren't set up for optimal Kinect conditions. Believe me, I tried it back in my old apartment.

limewax2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Well here in the UK the actual average house size doesn't permit the use of Kinect, its well below the 15ft required to house an actual living room and have space for kinect at roughly 26m squared for the entire property, Its the same with some other EU countries as well.

This failure of market research outside of US on MS's part is the exact reason I have never cared for kinect and never will. Even with the zoom, most UK housing still will not have room to use kinect

maniacmayhem2262d ago

Why couldnt MS do something like this in the initial production of Kinect?

hmmmm i smell shenanigans.

bustercube2262d ago

Exactly, if i could be done correctly(without glitches, and other issues) MS would have done it before they released the kinect, since the 6 - 8 feet thing was a sticky issue for them. I don't trust Nyko at all when it come to quality products.

Raven_Nomad2262d ago

Microsoft has a deal with Madcatz right now, which is why they don't officially back this product. I've seen that it actually works though, so I'll be getting it. While my living room is more then enough space to use my Kinect, the one in my room is a little cramped and I sometimes run out of room to use it properly.

I think a lot of dorms and things are like this, I manage to fit a queen bed, dresser, hutch with HDTV, computer desk and chair in my room and still have enough room to play most Kinect titles, just glad this is coming in time to play Rise of Nightmares...Gotta play that one away from the kids in my room and I'm guessing you'll need lots of space!

Wikkid6662262d ago

I think it will work fine for most games. Not sure how well it will work for other apps that are coming out. I think it will mess up Kinect Video chat and probably the object scanning.

IHateYouFanboys2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"Why couldnt MS do something like this in the initial production of Kinect?

hmmmm i smell shenanigans."

Microsoft didnt do this because it distorts the picture, as its a convex lense. basically it 'fisheyes' the image. it shouldnt affect motion tracking much, but it WILL affect any of the snapshots that kinect takes in-game, and games that put your image onto an in-game avatar like 'your shape'.

its basically like sticking a magnifying glass in front of kinect - itll reduce the space needed, and work fine most of the time, but it does have its drawbacks.

it will give a fisheye lense effect to anything where you see what kinect is seeing, such as video chat.

Magnus2262d ago

This thing might sell well in Japan since they have small living rooms there.

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