Crysis 2 turns platinum in september

PSX-Sense writes:" According to the website of Game Mania soon we get a new Platinum game. If a game is platinum, then it belongs to the best-selling PlayStation 3 games. These cheaper versions have a distinctive yellow-gray case ...."

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Miiikeyyy2538d ago ShowReplies(2)
aks63512538d ago

Crysis 2 was a crock of AWESOME

ScytheX32538d ago

agreed crysis 2 console multiplayer was a pile of crap, lag hit detection was horendous melees were unbalanced and game matchmaking was just utter trash, i bought retaliation pack and i didnt once play (sold the game now) instant action or anything but team instant action, no games were ever around and team id be lucky to find a match. Crysis 1 and Warhead were 100x the game crysis 2 is.

Inside_out2538d ago

I love the haters...they are so funny. The game has passed the 3 million mark and is a worthy buy...

REAL destruction...

great multi-player...

CaliGamer2538d ago

So sales = "a worthy buy"??

You were saying?

fooxy2538d ago

Its worth a buy on deep sale for single player but if u plan on doing stuff in multiplayer good luck, game has a horrible net code lag all over the place and multitude glitches

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