Sequels, Prequels, Trilogies and Quadrologies

ButtonCombo: Am I the only person that thinks games publishers are milking the cash cow to much? As we go into this fall awaiting the arrival of the 3’s: Uncharted, Battlefield, Modern Warfare, Gears of War, Mass Effect and Resistance, are publishers now pressured into releasing a new game annually?

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hgoodman032538d ago

I am pretty pissed about how they ran Guitar Hero into the ground. I couldn't care less about Modern Warfare, I've never enjoyed the previous games anyway.

ashbc2538d ago

I do enjoy Modern Warfare, but how Activision destroyed Guitar Hero should serve as a warning for big fans of the franchise.

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pixelsword2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

What I find funny is how game writers express disdain for milking games, but all of them basically write the same aritcles every week. (top 5/10, rumor, "I'm dissappointed with blah blah blah", graphics comparison, etc.).

Not that this article is doing that, it was an ok article from what I read; I just had an axe to grind.

ashbc2538d ago

I don't have a disdain for milking games. I have a disdain for publishers letting their fans down. Quality not quantity.

pixelsword2536d ago

Yeah, I know; I just felt like venting. :D

vglulz2538d ago

I'm okay with annual releases as long as the quality and innovation is there.

Quagmire2538d ago

Like Assassin''s Creed. Thats one franchise which manages to constantly improve upon its quality despite its yearly release. Cant think of another yearly-release franchise which does it as well as Ubisoft.

thephillup2538d ago

I think the game industry could use some fresh blood. While I love to see some favorites (halo, gears,portal, ect.) it would be better to branch out and try something new.

pixelsword2538d ago

Good point: they do try, they are shot down in beta testing or tore-up in reviews when they do. Most gamers are too impatient to lesrn new controls or reviewers have to write a review in 24 hours, so any hinderance to that is punished in the review.

Mass Effect's menu was balley-hooed, Lair's controls took about five hours of learning and once you got over that hump, it became a whole new game (Warhawk and Batman: AA used the same motion control scheme and all worked out if you had the patience), Killzone 2's gun weight, Heavenly Sword's aftertouch, Demon Souls' bucking tradition of dumbed-down gameplay, and some offshoot of MW where you could give voice commands were all innovations that were resisted because it made the gamer THINK.

People have to realize that with growth comes growing pains, and to push the industry forward a game has to come out to challenge the standard model... but will gamers have the intellect to see the innovation?

thephillup2538d ago

And also will the gamer have the willingness to be punished by a game. If the game is too hard they will basically disown it. If it gives them god like abilities, they jump on it in a flash.

Magnus2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

The market is split between sequels and prequels. The name Final Fantasy is an over milked cash cow but each game takes place on a different world or a different time. Games like Gears of War and Resistance, Killzone, and even Halo are over milked cash cows as well but they tell a story behind the game like a movie. Fans love the characters and want to see what happens next to the main character. So I can see those being a good cash cow simple other fact they are not produced every year like Call of Duty or Guitar hero. Which those two cash cows just add new features which your either like or hate. Call of Duty adds a war story to the game which is not bad but I perfer a detailed story like Gears of War. Personally I would like to see new ideas coming out of developers with fresh new games like they use to do from the NES days to the end of the PS2. Those were great game days and not over milking a franchise to the point there it is stale.

plmkoh2538d ago

Milking franchises has been the way of the industry since the very beginning.

I mean look at the NES, that thing had 3 core Mario games (technically 4).

But nothing wrong with sequels, most games these days try to tell an epic story, and fans demand closure on them. So I don't blame them for doing that. I mean would you want to wait 5 years just to know the ending or the next part.

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