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Super Mario Galaxy Review at Gaming Target: 9.9

From the article: "Super Mario Galaxy is the best game on the Wii, period. With it's beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, lively worlds, and engrossing gameplay, the game gets my vote for game of the year; even over games such as BioShock and Halo 3." (Super Mario Galaxy, Wii) 9.9/10

otherZinc  +   2822d ago
This is a Joke!
I played this game, it is the worst Mario ever, it will boar the hell right out of you.

I don't have time to go into it but for me, someone that played Mario games since Donkey Kong in 1982, I am very disappointed, & I am ashamed at the high scores reviewers are giving this game.

Don't be fooled, play this before you buy, its terrible to me.
Syko  +   2822d ago
In order to play this you would need to have modified your system, and if you did you would be able to tell me what Chipset your Wii is and what modchip did you use? Also what media do you burn on to? Plus since only two chips are currently capable of playing this you can name the version of firmware on your chip too.

Seriously, You stink of BS and when you open your mouth you pack wind behind that unsavory odor. Please don't troll the stories and act like a total tool.

This game is great and I am currently only through 48 stars and onto the 5th set of mini-type galaxies. It is a great game and is the true successor to Mario 64. It controls great and it is rare that the camera affects the gameplay, While most of the game is fairly simple there have been a few stars that were incredibly hard to get. Like one for example was called a "Dare Devil Run" in which you fight the boss again but only have 1 health the whole time, against a boss that was tough to beat with the standard 3 health. It's little things like these modifier comets that make the game crazy fun.

Plus who knew Mario was a world class figure skater, lol. (You'll understand when you play the game.)

I give it a 10. It is the first game since Zelda:TP that has made me glad I own my Wii.
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ItsDubC  +   2822d ago
Syko  +   2822d ago
@DubC, Yeah I think he is heading back under his bridge.

Who bashes on the Wii when none of the Wii fans ever come out and thrash anybody. Seriously! I am not all about my Wii and laugh about never using it but why attack it if you know nothing about it.

It got me a little upset, lol

Plus digging back I found this magic little quote from him,

"I played Galaxy today at GameStop."

"I think they gave MG a 9.5 because its Mario, but this is the 1st Mario game I have ever not liked & I've been playing Mario games since Donkey Kong in 1982."

Seriously unless he stood there and played for 2+ hours he never even broke the tutorial levels, Which suck in all games. Except maybe Portal =)
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ItsDubC  +   2822d ago
lol Syko
Nice find. I admittedly get a lot of my kicks from anti-trolling the Wii section (since this is where many PS3 and 360 fans share their common dislike), so your post put a smile on my face.

The trolling does get pretty old as I'm sure you've seen, but I fear that the day ppl stop trolling the Wii news section is the day that I stop seeing witty comments here hahaha.

So how many hours have you put into Mario Galaxy so far?
Syko  +   2822d ago
I'd say I am close to 10 maybe a little more. I plan on talking about it more in the forums but I have no one to talk to yet =(

Crappy thing is I think I could beat the game with a few more stars but I am methodically going through and getting every star before proceeding to the next mini-galaxy. (Each mini galaxy has 2 worlds with 4-5 stars and 2 bonus maps with one star each. then the Grand star is in the boss battle)
ChickeyCantor  +   2822d ago
you keep saying you played since 1982...you know keep it out of your comments and you might sound a little bit more realistic
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2822d ago
@otherZinc, welcome to ignore list my friend.
forum_crawler  +   2822d ago
Why would you be ashamed?
It's not like you wrote the game, so no need to feel shame.

Everything I have seen so far points to a great game. While it isn't a shooter, or anything of the sort, it looks like the Mario at it's best to me. As far as platformers go, everyone agrees that this game is it, and I praise Nintendo for resisting the temptation to release the game at the same time as the Wii and give us a half baked idea.

I hope the sell every copy of it they print.
jackdoe  +   2822d ago
9.9 is an odd score.
Syko  +   2822d ago
The funny thing is it's not after you play it. For whatever reason so far this game lacks that intangible "IT" factor. The game is perfect and I love it but there is something missing I just can't describe it. I plan on starting a forum about this very thing once it's out in stores and more people have played it.

Great game, Must own title for any Wii owner.
SwiderMan  +   2822d ago
9.9 means that there's only .1 room for improvement. Pretty good if you ask me.
otherZinc  +   2822d ago
Syko 360..............
You didn't have to TAS on me like that, damn. I'm telling the truth, I'm positive I've played more games than you and most of the reviewers in the world because I was there when it all started: 1978 when my mother paid $400 for my Atari 2600.

Also, you don't need a mod because you can play it at GameStop, Ive been playing it everyday for the last week trying to like it.

Now, I just dunt like the game at all, it could be that I cant stand that magic wand controller, but its not, that game........makes me mad.

I'm ashamed because I grew up with Mario as a freshman in High School playing Donkey Kong at the arcade after football practice. I continued playing Mario games until Wii, my favorite game is Mario Kart & Super Mario 3, if they ef that up (Mario Kart) I'll really get mad.

When you support something for that long theres a little shame to it for me because I think Mario is a part of what I stand for as a game player for more than 30 years (had pong machine in 1976).

You guys can bash me all you want but that game isn't 9.9 good.

Also, I feel the same way about SONIC.
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ChickeyCantor  +   2822d ago
9.9 is something based on an opinion, like your " this game sucks" is based on an opinion...

see the connection, because you like hitler doesn't mean we have to hate jews too.
TruthbeTold  +   2822d ago
I think the point is...
...that at Gamestop, you can't have played it long enough to have a valid opinion about the game, since the demo runs for 10 minutes then resets. Not to mention that your trying to take that and add the supposed fact that you've been playing Mario games since inception in an attempt to give yourself credibility makes it all the more ridiculous. All you've done is prove that you weren't going to like this game, regardless of how good it may be. Do you think that anyone here really believes that you've gone to Gamestop every day for a week, played the first 10 minutes of this game over and over, but you hate it? Laughable. Someone pegged you as a troll earlier on this thread. But that's not really necessary, since you've pegged yourself as one.
Bebedora  +   2822d ago
We have to save that .1 for a better game? WTF!?! Oh we.
Maestro  +   2822d ago
Game of the year here, folks.
Syko  +   2822d ago
LOL, You say that in every Mario related story. I laugh everytime I see you now because I know what's coming.

I agree it should've been nominated at least. (Spike Awards)
DeckUKold  +   2822d ago
i know
maestro is a funny guy he seriously makes me laugh i was wondering when some1 else besides me notice him lol thought spike should be called microspike
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2822d ago
yeah its kind of sad, SMG wasn't even nominated. its a joke.
Relientk77  +   2822d ago
im wondering like whats the worst review for this game.. i havnt seen an article on this site below 9.5/10 for this game
TruthbeTold  +   2822d ago
Me either. It's receiving great scores.
cooke15  +   2822d ago
The lowest is 9.0 from the incredibly hard reviewers GamesTM.. who gave ratchet and clank 6/10
TruthbeTold  +   2822d ago
Regardless of what scores these games perhaps should have gotten, one thing is clear. As a whole, game critics see Super Mario Galaxy as superior to Ratchet and Clank, even though the graphics aren't quite as good. Nintendo's problem though is that the majority of games that will be released for the Wii won't have this much effort put into it.
otherZinc  +   2822d ago
Truthbe Told.........
I dont have to impress your punk-ass or any other, I played the finished version at GameStop in Merrillville Indiana. I dont have to lie, games are my hobby, I may have more consoles & games than anyone on this board.

If games like this get high ass scores then we'll see more of this just like all those damn mini game games.
Rooftrellen  +   2822d ago
For heavens sake at least don't tell people you're from Indiana.

First the Colts lose their undefeated season, then the Paces lose their first game, and now you. How bad can one week get for us hoosiers?
TruthbeTold  +   2822d ago
"I dont have to impress your punk-ass"
How you figure anyone here cares about who you are or aren't trying to impress is beyond me. But even if you were trying to impress, you've done quite the opposite. You are full of crap, and everyone here knows it. Building imaginary clout through B.S. statements in order to try and assert your opinion will get you nowhere. Good luck with your little self contained, nonsensical hate-fest. No one gives a damn. Oh, and for the record, I don't believe that you are even 18, let alone having played video games for 30 years as you claim. So if indeed you are somehow telling the complete and unaltered truth, perhaps you should look at how you present yourself if you ever expect to be taken seriously.
texism  +   2821d ago
You're like that turd that won't go away aren't you? People just keep flushing you and flushing you and you...just...won't...go
texism  +   2821d ago
Gamespot, the Nintendo haters, gave this game a 9.5
GamesTM, the videogame haters in generall, gave this game a 9.

This game HAS got to be good
wiizy  +   2821d ago
hey otherzinc
being a hater will not get you anywhere. just lay on the side of the road and become a road kill.... super mario galaxy is the best game out there and the wii the best system cause they both actually offer something new ... and thats what nintendo was going for in the first place

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