Fun but Finicky PSN Title, Re-Born as Kinect Title

SFG writes: Last year, right before E3, Virtual Air Guitar Company announced their new motion based title. It was a fun looking side-scrolling beat-em up game, kind of in the vein of Double Dragon, called Kung-Fu Live. It had a couple unique ideas though. First, the camera would eliminate your background, and insert you into the game. The game also promised, the type of controller free gaming, that Kinect was touting. That is why it was very surprising, to find out, that this was a PSN exclusive. I was very intrigued by this. When a game looks like it was built for Kinect, how would the EYE be able to manage this?

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gamingdroid2357d ago

"Due to Kinect, the background removal and tracking work in any conditions. The clothes color / contrast or your livingroom lighting doesn’t matter for the background removal anymore. So no more lost hands, shadows or other similar issues. On Kinect we can do even cooler things than before and best of all we can focus more on gameplay and content.”"

Most likely doesn't change the fact that the game was [email protected] on PS3 and likely to be [email protected] on Kinect.

Micro_Sony2357d ago

I got to disagree with you on that. What made the game really bad on the PS3 was that the Eye could only track left and right but Kinect will be able to track your full body which mean that you can move forward and backward and kinect will track it.

If fruit Ninja got good reviews on Kinect I can see this game having the same impact - mark my comment MS is going to buy this studio.

gamingdroid2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

The depth sensing and skeleton tracking is indeed Kinects advantage, but the original game on PS3 was hardly good. I don't think adding Kinect will change that. Essentially, the problem is with the game play not the hardware in my opinion.

Fruit Ninja on the other hand looks like a lot of fun and I'm hoping for some awesome accident videos too.

subtenko2357d ago

This article proves what we already know; the Kinect has the better camera (obviously) while it lacks buttons. Sony made the ps eye camera with the idea of needing a controller. Why they didnt think of dealing with background issues without the controller, idk, guess they didnt care.

This being said, if M$ isnt stupid and releases a controller for the majority of games, then they will have the most advantage. Right now, its alittle even, but I prefer a controller. Kungfu Live for ps3 didnt do they tho, they just wanted to make a kinect title minus using a 3d camera. :)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

5119ent2357d ago

the game sucked on ps3...

Micro_Sony2357d ago

No.1 reason I hate HipHopGamer

Yo dawg this game is amazingggggggggggg and and out of this world.

Dude hypes everything up that its not funny - I think he just like to brown nose developers to get free swag.

trollkill2357d ago

Dont be surprised it will not be a big upgrade on kinect watch and see lol And i for one agree with the author of this article it was fun for me especially since it gave me a nice work out everytime.

gamingdroid2357d ago

I suggest UFC Trainer for Kinect. It will give you a nice workout and teach you some basic skills as well.

trollkill2357d ago

Havent played it, but maybe i need to try it out. The fight lights out is actually a great game for workouts. As much slack as tht game got its good and the work out sessions are awesome.

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