The Disconnect Between Mainstream Media and Video Games

GP Blogger, Khorne writes, "Mainstream media is very strange when it comes to video games. They either go the Fox News route by claiming that all video games are made with the blood of Satan, or they try to cover video games, which is a nice thought, but I have yet to see a mainstream media outlet cover video games fully.
Finally, there is 'ignore the fact that video games exist.'

There is a precedent in New Zealand that, if it isn't Rugby, it doesn't matter, so video games never make the news. So let’s looks at why they treat video games like this, and how they can improve."

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zerocrossing2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I agree with pretty much everything you said, I still think if we had a reliable level headed individual of the gaming community to represent us, so as to educate the mass media on just how wrong their negative sensationalism is and to try and paint a more accurate picture of gamers. Then this may help make the misinformed realise just what a gamer truly is, Not some violently blood thirsty psychotic time bomb, but PEOPLE who game for many reasons.

We enjoy the pleasure of experiencing all the unique aspects of each genre, weather it be enjoying the story, getting to grips with a rewarding combat system, racking up some frags while enjoying a fun game with our buddy's, casually maintaining crops & farm animals, Saving princesses, defeating evil shadow lords, stealthily sneaking through a level without getting spotted or experiancing a new unique way of playing, these and so many others are reasons we play games.

When all is said and done I believe gamers to be a very unique bread, full of passion imagination and enjoy playing alone as much as with others. Its a sad shame the mass media has us all wrongly pegged, I hope one day someone will step up and put all these lies to rest. We all game differently as we have different tastes, but we all deserve accurate representation and respect, We deserve to represented for what we are, not what people say we are.

cheetorb2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Title should read "The Disconnect Between Mainstream Media and Real Life."

"90% worthless garbage is produced from Mainstream Media" reports Fox News. (I know, stupid ironic joke but IT'S TRUE and that's whats funny... yet sad and pathetic)