Can Resistance 3 Recapture the Original’s Magic?

Kyle from writes:

"For the sake of clarity, allow me to say that I love Resistance. From the franchise’s first outing as a PlayStation 3 launch title to the epic sequel that brought conventions of modern shooters into the series, I have always been fascinated with the alternate history that Insomniac Games presented with their foray into the first-person-shooter genre. Fall of Man left a lasting impression on many and not just because it was one of the only good games to play at launch. Nathan Hale’s first adventure featured excellent pacing, impeccable level design, and a variety of situations that tested every one of the unique weapons in his arsenal. That’s why Resistance 2 was in some ways a disappointment, and precisely why I’m so excited for Resistance 3."

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rrquinta2393d ago

I feel like this is a recurring theme in the industry. Company makes good game, decides to "modernize" or "streamline" it. F***s up with sequel, then decides to try to go back to more like the original. Why can't we just skip step #2? I don't mind improvements, obviously, but some times there are elements that you just shouldn't change.

TheHater2393d ago

Exactly. But IG didn't learn anything from the fan reaction to Resistance 2 MP.

Thoreau2392d ago

i totally understand the debacle of r2's multiplayer. every patch actually made the multi worst...

kreate2392d ago

all they gotta do is make a Resistance:Fall of Man 2
problem solved.

paybackprahl2393d ago

Well, in this case I think Sony needed a hardcore modern shooter with extensive multiplayer elements as a killer app for all the PS3 sales they were starting to make at the time. Insomniac has long been OK with innovating in Sony's interests; this time we just lost some of the good stuff too.

farhsa20082393d ago

Resistance 3 will no doubt be a great game, fall of man was my favourite launch game ever and I still play it to this day

dwightmccarthy2393d ago

I actually liked 2 a lot and the coop made it a better game than 1 imo. I didnt like the mp much but the SP and CoOP was solid. Still good points made in the article totally forgot about the weapon wheel.

chidori6662393d ago

wtf why Resistance 2 hate?

I find alot of people that down on Resistance 2 saying it is crap, I find the experience just as fun as the 1 game to play but some purists fanboys dump on the second one.

theherp802393d ago

yeah totally agree. Without the fanboy part but yeah I liked the sequel a lot and think its a great game in its own right.

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The story is too old to be commented.