Permanent Portal 2 price drop to $30 on Steam

For those of you who have yet to play the jaw dropping experience which is Portal 2, you can now do so for cheaper through Steam. Steam has recently dropped their price of Portal 2 from $50 to $30

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ashbc2319d ago

Great game, worth more than $30.

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vglulz2319d ago

Awesome. I never bought Portal 2 even though I really enjoyed the first game.

Now's the time to jump in.

Pikajew2319d ago

Saw this a few days ago, glad I didnt buy it. I hate getting digital games at full price

ScubaSteve12319d ago

i did buy portal 1 for 8 bucks when that was on sale. so i porbally wait for this to go down since money is tight

bebojet2319d ago

No price drop for the PS3 version? :-(

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