Opinion: Nintendo are about to head back into the N64/Gamecube wilderness

The Gaming Vault: Things are looking pretty good for Nintendo right now, with Wii and DS selling combined totals of around 233.99 million units and two new consoles coming to market, the 3DS and Wii U.

On paper Nintendo look set to continue their dominance well into the foreseeable future, right? No going back to those dark days of the N64 and Gamecube, right? I wouldn’t be so sure…

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WhiteLightning2508d ago

"Things are looking pretty good for Nintendo right now"

Not what I've heard with all these "Nintendo are Doomed" articles when the 3DS had a price cut.

borisfett2508d ago

Did you ever read past the first line? Good lord.

RustyMagus2508d ago

A price cut doesn't necessarily mean doomed company/hardware. This puts the 3DS at a lower price than the PSVita, and considering Nintendo's track record among families and the casual gamer, this could prove a wise decision.

Spitfire_Riggz2507d ago

Exactly I dont understand at all, if anything it just makes it a more enticing buy

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gypsygib2507d ago

PS3 had a pretty big price cut soon-ish after launch and it has done very well.

matey2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

the 3DS has sold 5.2 million sinse launch and that was at $250 in 4 months thats exact what the ds phat did but 3ds didnt launch on a holiday season it still has that to come i think based on that the 3ds is selling like hot cakes and with the $169/£130 new price tag and a ton of amazing games its sort of making it very hard to justify buying a Vita in my opinion when i havnt seen better graphics on Vita than 3DS at this point so im thinking 3DS will seel more than Vita by a ratio of 3:1

MakiManPR2506d ago

" i havnt seen better graphics on Vita than 3DS at this point"

Then u must be blind

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Herminator2508d ago

Some very salient points, Chris. Nintendo definitely seems to be losing their dominating grip.

Perhaps it's time to loosen up the tradition Japanese patriarchy and hire some western young-bloods to get a fresh perspective high up in the chain?

neogeo2508d ago

No matter what mistakes they made or will make. NiN is here to stay and I will support them.

Ness-Psi2508d ago

I've been waiting for the price drop so I can get a 3DS. I might wait a little longer because I'm sure a 3DS light is just round the corner.

mike1up2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Another Nintendo is doomed article. Why does it seem like everyone wants Nintendo to fail? Nintendo has brought so much to video games, i cant understand it.

Spenok2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Sounds kinda like the Sony articles of yester-year.

Honestly though I agreed with just about everything this article had to say. I love Nintendo and their games, but this gen I haven't touched my Wii much since Zelda TP launched.

And tho I want a 3DS because the DS was so awesome, I have yet to buy one because there so far hasn't been any good reasons to yet.

Negadeth2507d ago

I tried to put a lot more thought and research into my article than the majority of similar ones.

I don't want Nintendo fail, far from it. I'd be incredibly happy if they prove me wrong on every point.

In the article, I praise the 3DS and Wii U as being quite exciting pieces of kit. I'm just a bit worried about some of their overall strategies, missed opportunities and baffling decisions.

mike1up2507d ago

Appreciate the response.
It was a well written article, and i wasnt trying to discourage anyone from reading it. To be honest I just disagree, especially towards the end.

I dont think that the WiiU will be marketed in quite the same way that the Wii was (atleast im hoping).

Also I just dont see how someone can say a system will fail, because a more advanced system will come out later? Doesnt that happen all of the time? And the Wii U is significantly more powerful than the PS3, ALL developers have said so.

You made an excellent point that i cannot argue, the controller. If only one is available per console, then the Wii U will most certainly fail. Its console suicide.

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