Rumor: Resident Evil 6 and Revelations to be closely tied

Rely on Horror: The same source that sent us the internet-shattering Resident Evil 6 news has spoken once more. Even though he gave us that news, I’m still going to take this as massive rumor, and not fact. Hell, it could even be fake.

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WhiteLightning2418d ago

It better not star Chris and Jill again or their new partners in Revelations

"Apparently Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 6 will not only be canon (as expected), but also involve the same mutagenic virus"

A new virus...again

Can't we just have the simple T-Virus and Zombies, I guess since it's a new virus Leon/Ada might be involved since "The Orgaization" which Ada is working for must of created it, maybe they did it since Wesker stole the sample off them after he learnt Ada gave him a fake one. If Ada is involved then Leon has a big chance to be the main guy in RE6 aswell.

fluffydelusions2417d ago

Right...I know Capcom must hear people tell them to go back to RE1-3 style. I know I hear it enough.

WhiteLightning2417d ago

Oh they do listen to us, they know people want it to go back to horror, they know people what it to take the best out of RE1-3 with the small good things from RE4, they know that people don't want multiplayer or co-op, they know that people don't like the new dmc and they know people want Mega Man Legends 3.

but do they act on these

because Capcom think that there right and were wrong

LOGICWINS2417d ago

^^Well said. I haven't played Code Veronica yet, but RE3 IMO is the best RE game ever made. I'm still too scared to replay it at night lol.

sikbeta2417d ago

Come on, franchise is going down since long ago, they killed the main antagonist and one character that always played behind the scenes in RE5, making the whole evil umbrella and stuff pointless to bring back, now they'll add some crazy sh*t like aliens or stuff, totally destroying what's left of RE, sad...

jeeves862417d ago

It's because most games released currently without some sort of online component are doomed to fail at launch.

I'm an RE fan, but even I know that you can't keep bringing back Umbrella and Raccoon City forever, it's stagnant. It needs to evolve.

kramun2416d ago

'^^Well said. I haven't played Code Veronica yet, but RE3 IMO is the best RE game ever made. I'm still too scared to replay it at night lol. '

Those are rose-tinted glasses. RE4 was much better, I played through RE3 again recently and it wasn't a patch on RE4.

SephirothX212411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Yeah Capcom need to get themselves together and release a Res game that is actually scary and frightening, like the first 3 games. They can have fast moving enemies if they want and whatever kind of shooting mechanics they want, once they're enjoyable and the game is scary. I want a Res game that is not level based. Where like the old games, you have to work with limited ammunition and you're not given checkpoints every two minutes. Enemies should be gross and they should kill you in a sick fashion like biting off your face or wrapping their hands around your neck, not hit you with a pitch fork. The enemies need to be properly scary and freak you out. This adds to the horror. Also, they should try to not make it too scripted. For example, the game loses replay value if you know where an enemy is going to jump out of. The player needs to be frightened every time they play. Resident Evil should be kept a survival-horror franchise, not an action-adventure franchise. To put it simply, I want to be scared sh|tless!

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BubbleSniper2417d ago

Shitcom still taking a dump on the fans. Resident Evil 6 is looking like garbage and i havent even seen a screen shot yet.

i hope i am very wrong

2417d ago
criticalkare2417d ago

Does that mean no Claire? :P

Malcopunch2417d ago

My guess is Revalations will introduce a new villain and the villain will be the main villain in RE6.We need a new villain because Wesker is dead

zerocrossing2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

God help us if the new villain is Hunk! If so we're SCREWED!

BubbleSniper2417d ago

Hunk is solid win. he really needs his own game. Someone needs to buy the rights to Hunk cuz you know Crapcom would cancel the game 5 mins after starting it or maybe hand it off to NT

zerocrossing2417d ago

It seems lately Capcom has the Midas touch... But instead of turning stuff to gold it turns to SHI* lol. I heard Hunk is in Revelations or something so maybe they'll flesh out his story or F it up for good.... Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Urrakia342417d ago

How exactly do you know that Wesker is really "dead"?

zerocrossing2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I really do hope he's dead... No matter how cool his bullet time matrix moves where he just became such a insufferable character, He started of in the early games awesome but then started to remind me of a comic book villain near the end "Shivers" R.I.P Wesker and stay the Fu** dead.

Spitfire_Riggz2417d ago


Well i mean being swallowed by a volcano and getting owned in the face by 2 rockets is pretty convincing but you know how game companies are

some ridiculous last second calling from satan miracle saved his ass

J86blum2417d ago

Cause Capcom said he was dead, and the voice actor for Wesker also said he was dead. Also I wish I had the post CAPCOM talked about the Zombies and said the reason they won't come back is because they were an accident as a side effect of rats Spreading the T-Virus. both T and the more aggressive G-Virus are Bio-Weapons. (Which im sure you know.) I for one am fine with a new strain of the Progenitor Virus ie. the original Virus T and G were sampled from.(those flowers you see in 5.) maybe a More aggressive version since 5 showed us what progenitor was like when crossed with the Las Plagus Virus from 4.

What im confused about is if 6 and Revelations are tied together does this mean that 5 almost means nothing outside of the death of wesker. since was supposed to take place before 5.

What I would like to see if maybe during the game they take notes from 3.5 and infect a lead character and maybe depening ending will say if he or she dies and later CAPCOM tells us which is cannon. cause Resident Evil needs some twist's and not the Jill was Bird lady cause Capcom dropped the ball on that quick.

What I would like to see is maybe you start as Jill and Chris, and Jill already weak from 5 ends up getting infected and perhaps dying.( since 5 originaly was planning her death for good.)and that leads Chris to Team up with eaither Berry (SINCE he was supposed to be in 5 as a partner if you find the notes online.) or Leon. and that way we get the big 3 guys teaming up. I would say clare but since CAPCOM said the CG films are cannon Claire made it clear she is not a fighter like Leon and her brother but more of a protector. and Ada and Hunk should play into the story since alot of fans believe Hunk aka Mr.Grim is the other Wesker child, and he could have been using Ada to aquire a sample of each virus now outside of the core progenitor virus if im not mistaken.

So story we got plot twists. the top tier character: Chris, Jill, Berry, Leon, Ada, Hunk, and Claire could be in it as their leason?(s.p) much like how hunningin was for Leon.

Also they story should address the fact that the BSAA should be corrupt and the main characters break off and become rouge unit minus Leon since he works directly for the president. I think there could be a interesting story in there.

(alot of my notes im posting are from the scrapped ideas that were going to be used for 5. like how chris wasnt with BSAA but more rouge hence the idea of the gang breaking off from BSAA.) since tricell started/funded BSAA and they of course were behinde 5 and the CG film.

MrSpace2417d ago

What ever happened to the rest of the Wesker Children.....did they die

I'm sure one survived...Alex Wesker

If it's a new villain I hope it's a women who comes off as a real bitch. I could see the rivaly between her and Ada wong :)

WhiteLightning2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Actually it is unknown if Alex is alive or not.

It would be great if he took over where Wesker left off.

jeeves862417d ago


In a "totally not ripped off of MGS" move, just as the player was getting ready to kill who they thought was the main antagonist, a new one appears from the shadows in the form of the Wesker Children.

Just...please...let the series die with whatever it has left.

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zerocrossing2417d ago

Is this good news? O.o I can't tell. can we just have zombies and the scares again plz?

MrSpace2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I really hope Leon is in this with Rebbeca Chambers

Sorry Claire fans but I'd rather see him with someone we havent seen for ages.

I would say Barry but with Barry being in Alpha team with Chris and Jill it would make sense if he was featured in a main game with Chris/Jill while Rebbeca being the only one in Bravo being teamed up with Leon.

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