Celebrate Metroid's 25th with these Fan-Made Projects

VGW: Last year, Mario’s 25th anniversary was celebrated with a special edition of Super Mario All-Stars packed with a retrospective booklet. This year, Nintendo is celebrating Link’s 25th with a concert series, multiple re-releases, a soundtrack CD for Ocarina of Time and a brand new game. What seems to be missing here? While it certainly has other issues on its mind, it is a shame that the gaming giant is leaving Samus with little more than the knowledge that she can rent a car for her 25th birthday. This, however, does not mean that you, the fans, cannot party Brinstar-style to celebrate the event! How? If we are going to use the Zelda model of celebration (because that Mario All-Stars re-release was “meh” at best), it would be worth checking out these musical and game efforts from Metroid devotees:

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