Why I Wouldn't Buy A New PlayStation Or Xbox In 2012

Sony and Microsoft probably won't release new hardware next year, and that's a very good thing. This generation feels different...we're satisfied with what we have.

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LOGICWINS2540d ago

"Why I Wouldn't Buy A New PlayStation Or Xbox In 2012"

I'm with you on that one. Whats the point of buying new consoles when the ones we have now haven't even peaked yet. I'm gunna be playing MK9 and Uncharted 3 for at least the next two years.

MintBerryCrunch2540d ago

wouldn't either, but they should both announce or at least have a teaser for what their new consoles might be like in the coming years

firemassacre2540d ago

exactly, look at where we have come in the past few years, just look at uncharted 3 and how fabulous it looks, we have alot of time left, but not too much time. give it 2014-2015.

BitbyDeath2540d ago

I'm happy with what we currently have, plenty more games in the pipeline yet. That said i'd still pick up a new console if they released them next year.

New tech to play with is always good

ArchangelMike2540d ago

I completely agree, the current consoles still have another 2 yeras at least left in them (well the PS3 does anyway). I know games like Battlefield 3, Rage and Skyrim etc run much better on PC and have better graphics, but it does not mean the console versions are gimped. I would'nt get a new console if they launched in 2012 either.

Agent-862540d ago

Well, I'd call 24 players on consoles for BF3 vs 64 on PC as "gimped". Same with it's toned down graphics and destruction vs the PC. Frankly, I'm ready for new consoles in 2012 or 2013 at the latest. I game way more on PC than the PS3 these days.

manman62540d ago

No matter how powerful the next gen console are, PC will still win in the graphic department.

Persistantthug2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Speaking about SOME 64 vs 24 modes, I think DICE didn't have the time to optimize the consoles.

Why do I say that?
BFBC1 (2008) = 24 players
BFBC2 (2010) = 24 players
BF3 (2011) = 24 players

As far as the players counts are concerned, it looks more like a "copy and paste" situation.
I'm understanding....But for dang sure, the consoles can handle more than 24 players for 3 games in a row.
1 1/2 year dev time was probably too little time to get all of the systems higher.

That said, BF3 still has alot of other online modes which will be similar as well as the Single player, which I'm excited to play as well.

CrimsonEngage2540d ago

The reason i don't want to is because i know the price for the new machines are going to be massive. I refuse to pay over $400. When the PS3 came out it was $600. I can only imagine what a PS4 would cost.

HaHa_Ostrich2540d ago

Sony learned a lot this generation for both hendheld and home consoles.
Trust me, after PS3/PSP Go launch disasters, they wont do the same mistake again. Look at Vita, its a freaking beast technologicaly and they priced it reasonably at 249.

zerocrossing2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"This generation feels different...we're Satisfied with what we have" are you freaking kidding me?!

I consider this gen the drooling meat head gen, The quality of the majority of games been abysmal! Sure we got SOME truly great games but you have to plow through a river of shovelware to get to them, This makes finding a hidden gem or sleeper title even more rewarding, Im not saying its impossible for the current gen of games to appeal to me but without some serious innovation and a serious challenge "aka"stop holding my F'ing hand, then I have little hope for anything more than watered down, linear, generic games like the vast majority we have to suffer through this gen.

But I guess that's just my opinion.

BitbyDeath2540d ago

Which console do you have?

zerocrossing2540d ago

I have all 3 consoles though my 360 is a brick atm...
Don't get me wrong I have played some incredible games this gen, its just we have so many more terrible ones.

gcolley2540d ago

get used to it. do you think it will improve? everything has been done and now it is just repeated over and over. also, anything that is not handholding does not sell well enough. look at BFBC1, awesome single player campaign and no one cared.

my problem is i have played everything, nothing is new to me, just like movies. both have stalled in innovation and both are hoping 3D will give them a fresh start, which it won't.

next-gen will be same if not worse

zerocrossing2540d ago

I get where your coming from but, I still have hope Ive seen a few lesser known games add something new to the mix wish I think larger companies could replicate if they weren't so afraid of innovation, and stop just dumping out the same old generic/rehashed, repackaged games.

seinfan2540d ago

Why I shouldn't buy one in 2012
1: Launch prices are way too expensive
2: First models may be buggy
3: Not many games to start with
4: Newer, more reliable models with larger storage capacity seems like a guarantee a few years after launch

Why I should:
Large possibility of selling a day one console on eBay for twice the launch price because some people just can't wait

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