Surviving The Summer Drought

"July and August are notorious months for us gamers for the sole reason that there are no games out until at least September and then all the games come out at once!

In this article I’ll be going through games released within the last 12 months that you might have missed that you can pick up and play throughout the summer months when you aren’t out partying."

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DarkTower8052446d ago

I use the summer as a catch up for all the games I've missed since last summer. I imagine I'll be doing the same next year lol. Working on Fallout New Vegas right now.

STICKzophrenic2445d ago

I decided to get GameFly for a few months to catch up on my backlog of games that i wanted to play, but didn't have the money to buy.

So far I've played Alan Wake (liked it so much I decided to keep it), Medal of Honor and now I'm working on God of War Collection (I think I'm close to beating it).

The other games I have in my Q are: God of War III, Crysis 2, The Darksiders, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

HOPEFULLY I can beat all of these (and maybe a few more) before Gears of War 3 releases and begins the amazing holiday releases.

Ser2445d ago

I've just been rocking TF2. I have a new found love for the pyro. In all of my years of playing TF2 I've never realized how devastating he/she is.