Firefall Faire to start in Final Fantasy XIV on August 11th. Brings Bikinis, Bombs and Wallpapers

On August the 11th at 1:00 AM PDT the Firefall Faire will begin, bringing summer to all the adventurers of Eorzea. It will also bring bikinis, fireworks, bombs and a quite original feature: a wallpaper generator.

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Saeveth2385d ago

Very excited for this, it seems a lot more exciting than the Archon egg hunt, really.

Abriael2385d ago

Same here. I have to admit the custom wallpaper part really surprised me, I don't think it's ever been done before in a MMO...

Spenok2384d ago

Very much agreed. My love for this title just keeps rising.

On a random side note how do i make a new character in this game? I currently have one and wish to make another, but im completely baffled on how to do so.

If you know how that would be awesome. Otherwise no worries. :D

Leonesaurus2384d ago

I actually just made a 3rd character slot yesterday, its a little tricky to find at first but its simple once you figure it out.

First, go to your Lodestone site, then from there look on the "left hand side", scroll down and you'll see a ton of little boxed links. They're all primarily brownish in color, but the last 3 are grayish.

Click the very last one that says, "Square-Enix Account Information" and it'll take you to a sign-in screen for your sign-in info to start the game or log into the Lodestone site.

From there, you'll be on a completely white background page with a bunch of links and boxes relating to your Square-Enix account.

Don't worry about all that crap though. Scroll down and on the bottom "left hand side" again, there is a box topic called, "Services and Option".

Select Service --> FINAL FANTASY XIV -->

--- Below the next page (under the FINAL FANTASY XIV ICONIC IMAGE) there is a rectangular box with two click-able links on the right end of it ---

Click on "Option List" --> Then you'll see a box at the top saying:

"Character ---- '7 more obtainable' --- 'Add new options'"

After clicking the "Add new option" button you'll be able to purchase another free slot for a brand new FF XIV character(s).

You can ACCEPT the terms following after, then choose 1-7, go with "ONE", since you only want one new character slot. The rest is a cake walk.