Xbox360 World Review Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

First up, picture yourself in a galaxy far, far away. Then pair it up with the toy of choice from those halycon days of your youth and you've got yourself a heady rose-tinted cocktail that'll reduce even the most ardent cynic to a gibbering nostalgic wreck.

XboxWorld 360 actually gave Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy something of a shoeing back in issue 43, complaining that for £50 it simply didn't strut enough next gen funky stuff for their liking.

The good news is that in return for your hard-earned wad of notes you're now getting a made-over Lego Star Wars (making its belated bow on 360) complete with all of the Original Trilogy's improvements - like melée attacks and being able to dodge blaster fire. There's even an entire new speeder chase mission starring delectable shapeshifting villain Zam Wesell.

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