Mortal Kombat Freddy Krueger DLC - New blood-splattered trailer

A new Trailer about the latest DLC Freddy Krueger, the trailer offers you a bit of backstory.

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tr00p3r2533d ago

Ah, N4G..the perfect home for illiterate gamers!

Can't wait for Freddy KrUEger though!

user83971442533d ago

I want the Robert Englund freddy not this one.

redDevil872533d ago

Best story trailer so far

jaymart2533d ago

We need Jason Vorhees. I don't give a shit if he doesn't go well with the MK games.

All I want to do is relive the fights from Freddy v.s Jason.

InNomeDiDio2533d ago

Yes, Jason would be sick. Have you watched all of his movies?

DlocDaBudSmoka2533d ago

jason X sucks. shouldnt want ppl to see that garage.

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The story is too old to be commented.