PostScript: A Female Perspective on Catherine

VGW: As I mentioned in my review, when I heard about the “mature” subject matter, I suppose I hoped for something original and actually “heavy,” rather than the trite rehashing of “men are afraid of commitment.” Yes, we know. As girls we have been fed this message in books, movies and soap operas for decades. This may sound like a minor gripe, but really, considering how much of the game is spent watching the plot unfold, it becomes a big issue.

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iamtehpwn2448d ago


I think she's still butt hurt about past relationships. You can really tell by reading the article she's been cheated on a few times before.

limewax2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

She seems to just hate on everything in the review, In fact I would go as far to say the game was totally lost in her hands.

Not only did she miss the entire point of the game, but she seemed to pick up the opposite of the actual theme. To be honest had she not stopped at like the 3rd-4th chapter she wouldn't had this issue, one would surely expect a game of this theme to intentionally try to jade your vision at that point? Which is exactly what it does right there

Way I see it, if you can't be bothered playing a game to even half way, don't write a review, since neither the devs or public need your incomplete opinion

killyourfm2448d ago

Not sure what prompted you to think the game wasn't completed. One of this site's founding principles is to finish games before reviewing -- in fact that is why the initial review was published a week AFTER Catherine was released.

limewax2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Mostly because of where you say you chucked the brakes on after hearing him lie, It implied to me that you finished right there, I take back the comment of you not finishing the game then.

Have to say though I'm really quite surprised you felt swung the opposite way so much having finished it, Though I think how you take this game is rather heavily based on the ending you get from it.

Surt2448d ago

She's married with a kid. But yeah she's jaded a bit. I wonder what she thinks of her husbands porn stash? or does he "not have one"?

radphil2448d ago

The irony with this article is that my sister, my married co-worker, and her friends, love Catherine.

But yea, not even playing the full game weights against statements.

Ulf2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

The aithor is "is determined to find a decent horror game this generation if it kills her", while claiming System Shock one of her favorite classics. Apparently she's never bothered to play BioShock or Dead Space -- neither may have been quite as revolutionary as the original SS, but they *are* good horror games. Very good, in fact. And, they are both very much derived from SS.

There have been a ton of great entries in the Horror genre this gen... the two I mentioned above (both having sequels), Siren: Blood Curse, Alan Wake, etc.

That kind of shot anything she had to say about Catherine to pieces, for me.

killyourfm2448d ago

What shoots your comment to pieces for me is that you consider BioShock and Dead Space "horror" games :D

Ulf2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

They are very similar to SS, however.

Games like SS, and the original Alone in the Dark (PC, a long time ago), as well as the original Resident Evil games (although they came several years after the PC games I mentioned), basically define horror in the video game format, and both of the games I mentioned are very much along those lines.

I'm not trying to knock your/her opinion of what a "good" horror game is -- rather I'm trying to explain that the article author's (perhaps you) concept of what "good horror" is seems to be wildly deviant from mine, or the typical gamers', if BioShock and Dead Space, as well as games like Siren and Alan Wake, don't qualify.

Hence, its difficult to embrace her opinion on Catherine with any sort of "oh that's how I'd feel as well" mentality. Not to say her opinion isn't a valid one -- I just doubt I could personally agree, if had I even played more than the demo of Catherine, because I clearly don't possess a similar mindset.

I'm exactly the kind of consumer who is interested in this sort of article, because I'm on the fence about getting Catherine at all. It seemed fun and different, and I'm not sure the plot being a "typical" scenario is really an issue for me. I guess it *is* interesting that it was an issue for someone, though.

limewax2448d ago

Yeah, they are not really very horror to me, But if you truly are struggling to find an engaging horror game this gen I would suggest Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Tyre2448d ago

Sounds to me that you are all butt hurt, because someone doesn't 'like' the game...everybody is entitled to an opinion, calm down folks!