6 WTF-Inducing Licensed Games

PS Uni writes: "Games that play things by the book aren’t very interesting to read or write about, though. Instead, I figured it’d be more fun to take a look at some PlayStation games that don’t make a single bit of sense. Whether a familiar license is being used in a weird way or simply has no justifiable reason for having a game built around it, I rounded up a several games that gave me a genuine 'lolwut' reaction."

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Relientk772446d ago

Omg that is like the best thing I've ever seen ever lol

I need Pepsiman now

r212446d ago

i've played pepsiman before...its wacky but fun :D

--Onilink--2445d ago

Omg pepsiman!!! I remember playing that game a long time ago, it was hilarious and really f****ing hard