Exclusive Bodycount gameplay video: OXM counts bodies

OXM UK: "One video, four minutes, 34 kills and a whole lot of smashed-up walls."

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dirigiblebill2537d ago

"Literally just bought a farm."

I lolled.

ATi_Elite2537d ago

1. Worse A.I ever.
2. The shack huts on the inside were carbon copies of Crysis!
3. No aiming down barrel.
4. Who made an Army outta DeeJay (Super Street Fighter 2) clones
5. No sprint, No Lean, No Prone
6. What exactly was the melee attack? Tripping?

needs more use of destruction which was the only slightly cool thing about the Demo

Brink Bulletstorm and now Bodycount = failure of the FPS B's

dirigiblebill2536d ago

1. Not every shooter needs brainy individual soldiers. Think of these guys as pop-up targets, coming from all angles and elevations.
2. Last time I checked, Crysis didn't have copyright on the idea of a shack.
3. There's a zoom view, which functions similarly. It's not a game about pixel-perfect precision - if it was, they'd have dialled down the muzzle flash.
4. How many different enemy types can you count in Call of Duty, Battlefield or Crysis?
5. Yes there is; yes there is; no, there isn't, because this is a game about staying on the move.
6. Nope, it's a knife blow.

cochise3132537d ago

This just looks like a quick cash in. you can't even look down the iron sight in this.

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