Trophy Guide: Catherine (

Grant of wrties:

"Have you ever used a Rubik cube? If not, it’s a toy where you need to match up the colors on each side. This sounds fairly simple, but you can easily spend five or more hours trying to solve it. Catherine is exactly the same way; deceptively simple. This Trophy/Achievement guide might not complete every task at ease but it will teach you key elements to keep in mind that just might make you better at the game."

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admiralvic2201d ago

Lots of helpful information!

rrquinta2201d ago

I may use this to help me platinum this game, especially for the different endings. Great guide!

TheLiztress2201d ago

I'll probably need to look over this guide to help me with some of the stages.

theherp802201d ago

such a tough game, thanks for the guide.

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