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A very fun and addicting game, Fruit Ninja Kinect makes great use of the motion sensing peripheral. It's well-designed and feels like it was always designed just for Microsoft's new device. Once you start, it'll be hard to stop.

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Wick2391d ago

I was also skeptical about this because previous Kinect titles have been underwhelming. Glad it ended up being so good.

TheHip142391d ago

Loved this on the iPhone

BlackTar1872391d ago

I did to but after about an hr it got really old

BlackTar1872391d ago

Im serious how long can you play this game.

what are you disagreeing with the amount of time it took me to get bored of cutting fruit and cuting fruit in a specific order?

Raven_Nomad2391d ago

Cant wait to grab this, the only thing that sucks is I have Gunstringer pre ordered and that comes with Fruit Ninja as well, but I would rather get the chance to play Fruit Ninja separately anyway for a while.

Stryfeno22391d ago

I have this on my WP7 phone and really enjoyed it.

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