Bitmob's Quality Assurance: What's right and wrong with PaRappa the Rapper (Bitmob)

If this is your first time with Bitmob's Quality Assurance, let me explain the process. Our team selects a famous video-game character and then breaks down their attributes. We try to be fair and look for a positive to go with each negative. Take Waluigi for example. Bug: He is a travesty of character design. His origin was an abortion of creativity, and I vomit in my mouth at the mere thought of him. Feature: He has big feet.

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NagaSotuva2536d ago

I can't remember if I've seen PaRappa without his beanie. He could be a conehead.

rod_furlong2536d ago

That is a good point, he could be hiding some horrific physical deformity under that thing.

RockYou2536d ago

Man, when is Shanana gonna make a new Parappa game?! Well, considering the sad state of hip hop music today, maybe that's not such a good idea.