Are Handheld Formats About To Die?

It’s increasingly looking that way…

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fluffydelusions2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Only time and sales will tell. If a company continually loses profit on a given item, they will eventually pull it from the market. There is no denying that smartphones and tablets have eaten into the handheld market and continually grow in both support and tech wise even given the fact that the majority of current games are casual and mediocre at best. I hope handhelds don't go away because the gaming on them is just far more superior compared to current smartphone offerings.

MaxXAttaxX2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )


On a another note. How many more articles are they going to make on the same tired subject?

darthv722534d ago

the tablet/smart phone market is going to replace dedicated portable gaming.

Here is something to think about. Are you going to hand your kid a tablet or smart phone to let them play their games on? Id rather hand them a dedicated unit than something more than that.

Dailynch2536d ago

I don't think they're going away as such, more evolving. I do think the Vita and 3DS will struggle against tablets and phones though. There's just too much content for such little money. Spending a huge chunk of change on one game just seems more and more archaic.

MaxXAttaxX2536d ago

Right, because $1 - $5 mini-games are the same thing.

As a gamer, tablets and phones are no competition. Touch -only controls or keypads are terrible for real games.
Maybe the casuals will enjoy phones more.

Xof2536d ago

I think so. Mobile phones are smaller and more convenient for gaming on the go, whereas handheld gaming machines have been progressing more and more toward giving gamers the same kind of lengthy, involving experience as home consoles.

If you look at the top DS and PSP games, how many can easily be played in 2 minute increments? Many are long, involving RPGs, and almost all of them are narrative-based, which doesn't lend itself well toward playing for 3 minutes while in line at the DMV.

And keep in mind it's not an even competition, either. Everyone who might buy a portable gaming device ALREADY has a mobile phone capable of gaming.

Or an iPod or an iPad.

The days of dedicated gaming devices are LONG over. It's the same for home consoles--they're already on the way out, being replaced by "media centers." Just look at the PS3 and 360--and even the Wii, with its record-breaking Netflix usage.

To compete, the next generation of home consoles will have DVR, and probably be bundled with webcams for skype.

To compete, the next generation of portable consoles will... I don't actually think there will be a next generation of portable consoles, because I'm not sure the current PSV/3DS generation can compete.

live2play2534d ago

you are an idiot
just because fast food places exist does not mean other fancy restaurants are going out of business
the value menu isnt killing anything
and thats precisely what mobile games are