Survey: More than Half of U.K., France and Germany Adults Are Gamers

The National Gamers Surveys, conducted by New Zoo this year, reveals that more than a half of U.K, France and German adults are gamers, with the highest ratio of gamers in Europe being in the UK.

Overall, the United Kingdom has the highest ratio of gamers, with 68% of men and 59% of women playing games. In Germany, 63% of men and 54% of women play games. In France, 61% of men and 52% of women play games. But while there are more gamers that spend more in total in the United Kingdom and Germany, it's the French that spend the most money per player, spending an average of £22.3 per month, which is more than the United States, where players spend an average £17.5 each month. The United Kingdom spends £18.6 per player each month while Germany spends £13.9/month.

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