Will we ever see another Onimusha game?

Gameinfo writes: "Im pretty sure many of you would love to see a new Onimusha game. I for one would love to see a new entry in the series. First though, for those that don’t know about the series, here is some information about it. Onimusha (Demon Warrior in japanese) is a series of video games by the games developer Capcom. The series is known for making use of the historic figures that shaped Japan’s history and retelling their stories with supernatural elements.

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Godmars2902538d ago

Considering what Capcom is currently, do you really want to?

Bathyj2538d ago

Good point, but I would have preferred another Onimusha than another DMC.

Perhaps just a HD Trilogy would be the go, all on one Bluray of course, and on PS3 where it belongs.

Venox20082538d ago

Onimusha DLC incoming! Play half of the game for 60 bucks! if you want to play with bosses = plus 10 bucks..if you want Cutscenes in a game.. plus 10 more! :)

ThatEnglishDude2538d ago

Each new installment sold fewer and fewer copies. I doubt it.

Firebird3602538d ago

This would be a great series for an hd remake.

NYC_Gamer2538d ago

Capcom would just ruin the whole experience

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