GTA 5 zombie mode as a rampage cheat code – Possible scenarios

Product-Reviews writes: Enabling the zombie code could turn all pedestrians against you, with Rockstar implementing GTA style ‘Rampage’ missions with difficulty increasing round after round. You’ll be able to take zombies out with a full plethora of weapons, and it would be even better if Rockstar could somehow enable play with a friend offline or online.

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danswayuk1991d ago

This would be amazing, GTA zombies - bring it on.

tr00p3r1991d ago

It would certainly make a great add-on mode.. if other developers are cashing in on the zombie craze, why not have it in GTA 5. As long as it doesn't affect the main campaign of course.

danswayuk1991d ago

I can see some gamers playing this zombie mode more than the real game, just as they did with Call of duty. It just needs to happen now.

ainsz1991d ago

Riot mode, all peds have weapons, and peds attack you and as an optional extra attract prostitutes cheats combined in old GTA's made for an epic gaming experience. It was like having a zombie horde mode, only the zombies were pedestrians and they had weapons!

Anderson81990d ago

i'm getting kinda sick of zombies..

rezzah1990d ago

Already did a long time ago.

Zombies are overused and everyone knows it.